Future Distance Education Students

Am I Ready For WT Online?

Distance Education provides students with greater opportunities for learning but is not right for all students. Consider the advantages and challenges:


  1. Students can work on their own time in a comfortable setting of their choice.
  2. There’s no travel time or expense going to and from the university.
  3. Students who dislike interacting with a classroom of students may feel more comfortable interacting by written communication.


  1. There is no face-to-face time with instructors or classmates.
  2. Students must be self-motivated to keep up with the class and complete the work
  3. Students who lack technical skills with programs like Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer and have limited knowledge about computers may become frustrated with the technology.

Before enrolling in an online course or program, take our "Am I Ready?" assessment below to determine your probablity of success.

Another readiness gauge is the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) standards. These standards ensure students are academically prepared to enter a degree program. 


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