Online Exam Proctoring

Online Exam Proctoring
Online Proctoring
At West Texas A&M University there are some 100% online courses which may require students to take one or more proctored exams at the student's expense. WTAMU faculty teaching online courses that require proctored exams in their course(s) currently may use the following online proctoring provider: Examity.
The faculty member selects the proctor based on costs, needs and customer service. For courses requiring exam(s), the number of exams and anticipated costs will be noted in the Course Comment Section and in the course syllabus. 

Students may take their proctored exam remotely using the proctoring providers selected by the faculty member teaching the course

To learn more about how Examity works download this .pdf covering what to expect and system requirements. 
Or, watch this video explaining the authentication process through Examity.  This video demonstrates the testing process.

As a convenience for students who live near the WTAMU campus and who may not be able to schedule and exam remotely you may elect to come to campus and take the online proctored exam in an exam proctoring room located in the Marmaduke Internet Innovation Center. If this is an option for you, be aware that available space and times are limited so be sure to schedule as early as possible. Students selecting this option will still schedule their exam with the exam proctor, and are responsible for paying the same exams costs as they would from any remote location. Use this link to schedule your exam proctoring room on campus.