Accelerated courses
3-hour courses are $699, and there are no additional fees! Accelerated courses are online, 6-weeks long and cover all the required learning objectives of a regular semester class. WT students register on Student Planning.  REQUEST A SYLLABUS

First Session (E1) January 24 - March 4

Add through January 25
Last day to drop for a full refund is January 26
Last day to drop for an X is February 14

ENGL 2341 E1 Introduction to Literature  
HIST 1301 E1 America 1492-1877  
IDS 3355 E1 Career Pathways  
MCOM 1307 E1 Intro to Media Communication  
MCOM 3327 E1 Media Law  
POSC 2305 E1 American National Government  
SES 4326 E1 Sport Sociology  

Second Session (E2) March 7 - April 22

Register through March 8
The last day to drop E2 for a full refund is March 9
The last day to drop E2 for an X is April 4

COMM 1318 E2 Interpersonal Communication  
ENGL 2311 E2 Intro to Professional and Technical Writing  
HIST 1302 E2 America Since 1877  
IDS 3355 E2 Career Pathways  
POSC 2306 E2 American and State and Local Government  
SOCI 1301 E2 Introduction to Sociology  
SES 4326 E2 Sport Sociology  
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Accelerated courses are $699 per class; no hidden fees! WT students register through Student Planning.  Search by semester and location Education on Demand.  Look for section E1 or E2.

Non-WT students submit a simplified application and transcript from your current school.