Department of Sports and Exercise Sciences

May be either depending on option selected.

Major in Sports and Exercise Sciences-All Levels PE (Major Code: 462)

The mission of the Department of Sports and Exercise Sciences, through the All-Level PE degree, at West Texas A&M University is to prepare undergraduate students for careers in physical education instruction and coaching in secondary school settings. Program goals are developed with the expectation students will be able to demonstrate evidence of content knowledge, leadership, communication skills and critical thinking towards employment and engaged citizens. Competencies and proficiencies, essential for professional preparation, are in alignment to the standards set by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC).


The degree includes the following courses:

  • SES 2342, 2355, 3304, 3311, 3320, 3321, 3325, 4302, 4322.
  • Professional Education Core (21 hours plus six hours additional requirements).
  • Second Teaching Field (24 hours)

NOTE: For teacher certification requirements, refer to the Department of Education section of your catalog.


State Licensure Statement

Requirements for licensure and/or certification vary from state to state. Our programs prepare students for licensure and/or certification in the State of Texas. We do not represent that our programs prepare students for licensure and/or certification in other states.