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We are VERY excited you chose West Texas A&M University! You are beginning a new chapter in your life, and the Residential Living staff is honored to be a part of this as you prepare to move into campus housing. Please travel safe, and if you have questions or need additional information, contact us.

Move-In Day

FALL 2021: Move-In Day will be a two-day event – Wednesday, Aug. 18 and Thursday, Aug. 19. This year we will again use the STOP, DROP and GO move-in process between 9:00 a.m. and 3 p.m. Our goal is to get you as close as possible for unloading, help ease traffic congestion, and reduce the time that you wait in lines. If you cannot make it by 3 p.m., check out our other check-in times.

Before You Arrive  
Move-In Day  
After Move-In  

Move-In Traffic & Directions

*NOTE: This information may change between now and Move-In Day; we recommend visiting this page right before your designated Move-In Day.

Directions to your Assigned Hall  

Move-In Herd

Move-In Day for our residential students marks the beginning of many of their journeys here at West Texas A&M University. Coming together as a community displays our West Texas hospitality as we welcome these students to our campus. Our official Move-In Day will be conducted over the course of two days — August 18 and 19. This will allow us to space out the number of students and families moving into their respective residence halls over the course of two days, which will be done through move-in timeslots self-selected by each student.  

Early Move-In for Student Volunteers  
Move-In Herd Training  

What to Bring & Not to Bring

Here is a list of commonly brought items that add your own personal touch to your room, as well as some items that are not permitted in the residence halls.  We recommend coordinating with your roommate, to make sure you don't double up! For a more comprehensive list and more information on what you can and cannot bring into the residence halls, see the Code of Student Life.

What to Bring  
What to Leave at Home