What is Meta Majors?

Meta Majors allow students from the same college to share common living space within our residence halls. Meta Majors are designed to help students establish social and academic networks to enhance learning experiences and develop academic and career plans.

Introduced in Fall 2023, incoming freshman students' housing assignments are based on Meta Majors! We are excited to offer this opportunity to our incoming students to enhance their overall WT experience! 

For additional information, keep up with our social media @wtresliving or call our office! 806.651.3000

Why We Believe in Meta Majors

For a more detailed explanation of WT's commitment to Meta Majors, please read this.


Majors within Meta Majors

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Agriculture and Natural Sciences  
Education and Social Sciences  
Fine Arts and Humanities  
Nursing and Health Sciences  


Why is WT implementing Meta Major housing?

Students thrive in the university setting when they experience a strong sense of belonging, and we expect that Meta Major housing will help Buffs find their own herds early in their educational journey. We are creating an environment in which students can connect with others academically and socially. By intentionally creating clusters of rooms for specific majors/classifications, students will be able to more easily connect with each other and receive direct programming and support from our staff.

Are all students required to live in their Meta Major? 

Meta Major housing is specific to students just starting at WT. The other designation is upper class. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors may live with other upper class students, regardless of majors. 

Is my Meta Major only in one residence hall? 

No. There are spaces available for each designation at all price points. Keep in mind that some halls may fill up faster than others. 

What if, as an incoming freshmen, I have not decided my major? 

There is a Meta Major titled “Exploring” which includes undeclared majors. Students living in this cluster will be provided resources to explore their interests and help them find their passion. 

As an incoming freshmen, what happens if I change my major? 

Prior to attending your NSO, you need to contact the Admissions Office and request the major change. At the end of the fall semester, you will have the opportunity to change room/hall for the upcoming spring semester. Check your Buff email regarding information for room change requests.  

I am an incoming freshman, but I am applying for an exemption for living on campus. 

The only exemptions available to you are found on our Housing Requirements and Exemptions webpage

 FAQ last updated on 3/27/24.