Residential Living Frequently Asked Questions

Living on campus is a fun and rewarding experience. We are here to make sure your home in the residence hall is comfortable, safe, and enjoyable. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us.

Housing Application & Assignment

When should I apply for housing?  
Can I select a roommmate?  
I completed my housing application. When will I know my hall/room assignment?  
Can I change my assignment once I receive it?  

Meal Plans

How do I select a meal plan and is a meal plan required?  
How can I change my meal plan?  
What is BuffCASH?  
What are Dining Dollars?  

Contracts, Fees, and Payment

How can I lower my housing and meal plan expenses?  
What happens if I decide not to attend?  
When do I get my housing deposit back?  

Amenities & Hall Information

What type of security exists in the residence halls?  
Are there laundry facilities available in the residence halls, and how much does laundry cost?  
Are there community kitchens in all residence halls?  
Are dishes provided in community kitchens?  
Is landline telephone service available in the residence halls?  

Living On Campus

Who will be in charge of the residence hall?  
What would I do if I got locked out of the residence halls at night?  
If I have problems in my residence hall, what should I do?  
Can I stay in the halls over the holiday break?  
Where do I pick up my mail?  
Can I have a car on campus?  
Can I park my car on campus without a parking permit?  
Are pets allowed in the residence halls?  
Can you suggest items that I should bring with me to campus? What items should I leave at home?  

Rules & Requirements

Am I required to live on campus?  
I have earned my Associates Degree. Do I still have to live on campus?  
Will housing charges be applied to my bill if I do not complete a housing application?  
Are there exemptions to the housing requirement?  
What rules do I have to follow if I live in on-campus?