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Faculty-led programs are led by WT professors; these short-term programs include coursework abroad, travel with WT classmates, and structured planning and preparation. Programs offered by WT faculty are developed by professors for specific major(s); academic credit is only given for the course offered abroad.
Faculty study abroad group

Get ready to travel!

Upcoming faculty-led programs are listed below. May and Summer 2024 programs will be posted in October.

Program name Faculty Leader College Department Destination Dates  Cost*  Courses offered
WT Choir & Symphony Orchestra Costa Rica Performance Tour Sean Pullen & Mark Bartley SBHCOFAH School of Music Costa Rica 05/12/2024-05/19/2024 $2,595-$3,140

MUEN 1029-01, 02 MUEN 3029-01 MUEN 1041-01, 02

MUEN 3041-01

MUEN 1042-01, 02 MUEN 3042-01

MUEN 6140-03, 04, 05

The Creation of Spain: Monuments, Religion, and Culture Dr. Andrew Reynolds & Mrs. Sandra Davidson COFAH Spanish Segovia, Spain 5/12/2024-5/22/2024 $ 3,822.46

SPAN 3306-1,        SPAN 3306-2

Pre-Modern British Literature: Plays and Books Dr. Matthew Harrison & Dr. Sarah Sprouse COFAH EPML London, England; Stratford, Wales 05/16/2024-06/08/2024 $ 4,300.00

ENGL 2321, ENGL 4392, ENGL 5392

Water Sanitation and Health (WASH) for Kenyan Communities

Dr. Nathan Howell & Dr. Fisseha Alemayehu COE ECS Eldoret, Kenya 06/10/2024-06/24/2024 $ 4,500.00

ENGR 2372

Information on this page is tentative and subject to change. 
* Cost is set to change!  Cost listed does not include tuition and fees for classes. Airfare, accommodation, meals, field trips, ground transportation, international insurance are typically included unless otherwise noted.