Be part of a WT faculty-led experience
Faculty-led programs are led by WT professors; these short-term programs include coursework abroad, travel with WT classmates, and structured planning and preparation. Programs offered by WT faculty are developed by professors for specific major(s); academic credit is only given for the course offered abroad.
Faculty study abroad group

Get ready to travel!

We are excited to bring you faculty-led opportunities for May and Summer of 2023. Check out the information* below and contact the faculty leaders or our office to learn more.

Program name Faculty Leader College Department Destination Dates  Cost**  Courses offered
Faculty-Led Study Abroad to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland Dr. King & Dr. Barthel COB Business Frankfurt, Germany; Steyr/Salzburg, Austria; Zurich, Switzerland 05/15/2023-05/25/2023  $ 4,785.46 ECON 4321/5321
Spanish Immersion and Service Learning Dr. Andy Reynolds & Dr. Juan Garcia-Oyervides FAH EPML Las Canas, Dominican Republic 5/14/2023-5/28/2023  $ 2,998.46 SPAN 3306
Mexico Education Collaborative Dr. Henderson, Dr. Weiss & Dr. Whaley ESS Education San Miguel de Allende/Guanajuato, Mexico 5/19/2023-5/28/2023  $ 2,250.00 EDEL 4372, EDSE 4330, EDPD 4363/5363 EDRD 3302, EDPD 4388/6388, EDPD 4378/6378, EDPD 6385
Cultural Legacies of the Habsburg Empire: Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, and Kraków Dr. Elizabeth Clark & Dr. Kim Hieb FAH History & Music Vienna, Austria; Bratislava, Slovakia; Budapest, Hungary; Krakow, Poland 6/10/2023-06/24/2023  $ 5,577.05 (flight from DEN included)
$ 4,577.05 (flight not included)
HIST 4303, HIST 6380 MUSI 3349, MUSI 6241
Environmental Science (Climate Science Outreach Program - Japan) Dr. Hiranuma & Dr. Rogers ANS LEES Kumamoto/Hiroshima/Tokushima, Japan 07/03/2023-07/11/2023  $ 3,894.72 ENVR3092, ENVR6092
International Collegiate Theatre Festival Bradley Behrmann & Echo Sibley FAH ATD Edinburgh, Scotland 08/01/2023-08/13/2023  $ 5,320.59 THRE/DANC 3092-03


* Information on this page is tentative and subject to change. 
** Cost listed does not include tuition and fees for classes. Airfare, accommodation, meals, field trips, ground transportation, international insurance are typically included unless otherwise noted.