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Sun Voyager Reykjavik Iceland


Packing is easier when you know what the weather is going to be like in your destination country! Many apps and websites can help you find out what the weather and typical climate is in the places you plan to visit. Here are some of our favorites:


"How much is that in U.S. dollars?" Instead of guessing, prepare yourself financially by knowing the exchange rate for your host country. Have a plan for finances. Will you use an ATM/Debit card to withdraw cash? Do you plan to use a credit card? Be sure to notify your bank of your destination(s) so that they do not freeze your account. We also strongly recommend that you have additional funding available for emergencies.
Currency Converter by OANDA


When the time comes to book your flight, check out Student Universe. Of course, do not limit yourself to this sole resource; if you find a more convenient itinerary elsewhere, go with what you think is best. You can set trackers and watch flight prices through Google Flights and Hopper, the flight tracking app for phones. In addition, try the following airlines and internet search engines:


We encourage students to unplug, be present, and fully experience their study abroad program in full. However, we do understand the importance of keeping in touch with loved ones while abroad. For students with questions about phone service while abroad, we suggest the following options:
  • Turn your phone on airplane mode and only use WIFI. While traveling, you can find many places that offer free WIFI: your hotel, cafes, museums, airports, train stations, and even city centers. This is free and ideal for those studying abroad for a shorter amount of time.
  • Request that your phone company unlock your phone so that you can use it internationally. This will allow you to purchase an inexpensive SIM card and pay for data month-by-month in-country. This is ideal for students studying abroad for a semester.
  • Research your phone company's international plan offerings. You can purchase international service for the length of your stay. Though this is expensive, this is ideal for those who desire to be in contact and accessible by others outside of their program country. 

Learn to make phone calls to and from your host country. Don't wait until you get there to figure this out!


What's going on in the world? There is nothing like being up-to-date with international issues! 
The following websites have useful information specific for the country you plan to visit. Enjoy learning and planning your travels!