The University Police Department acknowledges that safely storing firearms can reduce gun injuries and deaths. Safe storage can also prevent firearm theft and deter criminal activity.

That is why the University Police Department will proactively begin providing secure firearm storage on campus for law-abiding students.

Many of our students use firearms to participate in club activities such as Rifle Club or Trap and Skeet Club, or for weekend hunting trips. Many students live far enough from their homes that it isn’t practical to store their firearms there. Students then must find somewhere to store their guns. Often, students leave their firearms in their vehicles or store them in the residence halls. Students that live off-campus may struggle with storing their firearms in an apartment setting with roommates they don’t know well.

Now, UPD will assist students with secure firearm storage. Students can store their firearms in individual lockers/safes inside the secure area of the Police Department. This area will be under surveillance, and students can have access to their firearm 24 hours a day. Before they are stored, firearms will be checked to verify they are unloaded. A cable style lock will be provided for each firearm that is stored.

For more information
If you would like to reserve a locker, click below and put “Firearm Storage” in the subject line. Or give us a call.