Crime Statistics and Prevention

Crime Statistics

The University Police Department vigilantly reports all incidents known or reported to UPD. UPD also makes every effort to educate our community on the offenses occuirring on campus property and how to prevent crime. To that end, UPD publishes several things to assist the community in understanding crime on campus. It is often difficult to put in perspective how safe one community is versus another. UPD tries to use a system that our community would understand.

Below are three documents to help you understand crime on campus.

  1. The first document is a multi-year look at the offenses reported to UPD. These include everything UPD makes reports on, including non-criminal offenses.
  2. The second document is a comparison of some Universities which are considered to be peer institutions for WTAMU or well-known larger universities for reference.
  3. The third document is a comparison of the cities associated with the Universities in the second document to put into perspective how the area surrounding the campus relates to the area around WTAMU.

Now, a short word about Crime/Population ratio. The ratio is derived by taking the total major crime number for that city/university and dividing it into the population to get a ratio of crime to population. In these charts, the higher the number, the safer the community, theoretically.

UPD Crime Statistics


Crime Prevention Tips

The University Police Department is committed to reducing crime by partnering with the faculty, staff and students of WTAMU in order to educate the community on how to lower the risks associated with crime. Below is a link to our Crime Prevention Tips page that can easily be printed and circulated to any interested parties. UPD is also available to conduct programs to help educate members of our campus community at times that are convenient for them. Call UPD at 806-651-2300 to schedule such a program.

Crime Prevention Tips in PDF Format