Parking Services

Parking Services

The Parking Services Division of the University Police Department issues parking permits, parking citations, coordinates booting/towing of vehicles in violation, and assists with other WTAMU parking matters. All persons operating a vehicle on University property are subject to State and Federal laws as well as University traffic rules and regulations.

Note: Parking rules and regulations are enforced 24/7, year-round (including holidays).

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Parking Citations and Appeals

Parking citations may be issued to persons who violate WTAMU parking rules and regulations and are enforced 24/7, year-round (including holidays). Should you receive a parking citation, please act promptly.


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Parking citations are considered late 30 days after the issue date and time. A one-time $15.00 late fee and a Parking Restriction (for students, staff, and faculty) will be assessed on delinquent citations. Note: Vehicles are subject to impoundment when an individual has three or more outstanding and delinquent citations.

Citations may be paid online with a card or in-person with a card, check, or money order. Checks or money orders for payment may also be mailed. Note: Cash payments are not accepted at this time.

Appeals: Citations may be appealed online only within 20 days of the issue date and time. The appeal process will be “locked” after 20 days. The appellant will be notified from the Appeals Committee Chairperson via email that the appeal was either accepted (citation will be waived) or rejected. Please be sure to read all options and follow all instructions when appealing a citation as well as reading all options and following all instructions received from the Appeals Committee or Parking Services.

Note: A “visitor” is defined as any individual other than: a) a student; b) an employee/staff member; c) any person engaged in the performance of a service for the University; d) any person operating a vehicle bearing a valid University parking permit or vehicle registered to a student.


Parking Services
Jerry Faltinek, Director of Support Services