We believe every student at West Texas A&M University has the potential to do well. We know they can succeed. Our job is to help them identify their talents, develop those talents into strengths, and direct those strengths towards activities and experiences that will help them succeed.

Grounded in psychological theory, literature, and research, a strengths approach starts with an individual’s positive characteristics and helps them to develop to their full potential in areas including academics, career, leadership, relationships, and engagement. We believe that the more students have an understanding of their personal style, motivation and unique talents, the more they will be able to maximize their educational experience at West Texas A&M University.

By weaving a strengths-based approach into your work with students you can contribute to student success by:

  • Increasing students’ self-awareness and their understanding and appreciation of others
  • Developing students to their full potential in areas including academics, career, leadership, relationships, and engagement
  • Creating a common language across campus that contributes to a sense of community
  • Increasing students’ overall confidence, engagement and sense of responsibility in pursuing their undergraduate goals
  • Advancing student achievement of the Student Learning and Development Outcomes
  • Positively impacting retention, graduation, and satisfaction


How Faculty & Staff Can Help Students Use Their Strengths

As a faculty or staff member working with students, there are many ways you can encourage and support students as they develop and apply their strengths. Below is some information and resources that can help you as your work with students on their strengths development. 

Gallup CliftonStrengths Website:

Direct students to West Texas A&M University's Gallup CliftonStrengths website where they can find action items that are aimed at each of their talent themes.

  1. Have them log into their CliftonStrengthsTM account
  2. On the right side of their "Dashboard" there is a box listing their Personalized Strengths Exports.
  3. Click on the "Strengths Insight + Action Items" tab to get action items that are specific to each of their top five talent themes..


Activities and Exercises to Use with Students

For in-depth information about activities and exercises relevant to how you interact with students please go to our Activities and Exercises to Use with Students page.  You will see details on the following menu of items on the Activities link.

  • Discovering Strengths (Introductory Info & Activities)
  • Advising
  • Career
  • Classes
  • Fun & Games
  • Housing and Residential Life
  • Leadership
  • Mentor Programs
  • Supervision
  • Student Groups / Student Organizations
  • Relationships & Team Development
  • Workshops

Engagement Resources

Encourage students to think about how they want to explore their interests, identify their passions and develop their talents into strengths through on and off campus activities. The resources below can help students find opportunities in areas including campus leadership, student employment, research, volunteering, study abroad, student groups, and internships.

  1. The Office of Student Engagement and Leadership
  2. Study Abroad
  3. Rogers LEAD WT
  4. Internships


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