You've taken the CliftonStrengths assessment and know your Top 5 Talent Themes . . . now what? 

Below is some information and resources that can help you apply those talents in ways that can be meaningful to you.  

Gallup CliftonStrengths Website-Action Items

On the Gallup CliftonStrengths website you can find action items that are aimed at helping you take your talents and further develop them into strengths. Follow the instructions below to access your action items as well as the How Students Can Use Their CliftonStrengths to Succeed Guide.


    1. Log into your CliftonStrengthsTM account
    2. On the right side of your "Dashboard" there is a box listing your Personalized Strengths Exports.
    3. Click on the "Strengths Insight + Action Items" link to get action items that are specific to each of your top five talent themes.

Schedule an Individual Coaching Session

WTAMU currently has thirteen Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches available for both individual and group sessions.  A complete list can be found here.


WTAMU's Strengths Tip Sheets 

Get tips on how to use each of your strengths in academics, career, and extracurricular activities here.

Understanding Your Strengths Guides  
Major/Career Guides  
Campus Involvement/Engagement Guides  
Academic Life Guides  

Claim it!

It's time to put your strengths into action! The last, but continuous, step of your strengths journey is to put your developed strengths into action. This will benefit you in your academic, personal and professional life. Check out how you can apply your strengths below.

Get involved

Make the most of your WT experience by taking part in opportunities that allow you to explore your interests, identify your passions and develop your talents into strengths. 

  • Check out all the leadership opportunities available through the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership.
  • Use your strengths to help navigate a new country or culture through Study Abroad
  • Join BuffStrong - the on-campus organization full of students, just like you, that are excited to learn more about their strengths and how to use them. 

CliftonStrengths For Students Success Guide

Once you have your results, you can also use this guide to begin exploring your talents and learning more about how to utilize them for success.

WT student celebrates their strengths

            WT student celebrates their strengths







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