Find your Strengths Take the CliftonStrengths assessment

We really believe in the power of strengths at West Texas A&M University.


That's why we provide first-year students the opportunity to take the CliftonStrengths assessment for free during their New Student Orientation. Once you've taken the assessment we'll provide you with information on how to use your talents to develop strengths. We'll also connect you with strengths coaches that can help guide you through your strengths journey! 

If you are a first-year freshman and have not taken the CliftonStrengths assessment, you can find instuctions and a link to take the assessment on the WTAMU CliftonStrengths homepage. For questions, please contact Student Enrollment, Engagement and Success at 806-651-2050. 

Purchase Individual Codes

Not a first-year student, but want to unlock your talents? The CliftonStrengths assessment can be purchased two easy ways. 

  • Purchase an assessment code at CliftonStrengths. Assessment Codes cost $19.99 for the Top 5 report. Please contact Gallup directly if you have questions.
  • Purchase a book that contains a code to take the CliftonStrengths assessment.  If you are going to purchase a book, please note the following:

Determine which book is best for you here. Be sure to verify that the book you want includes an assessment code. 

Purchase a new book rather than used. If you purchase a used version, the code has most likely been used and is therefore invalid.

If you use a code from the CliftonStrengths for Students book you will have access to the website.

If you use a book other than CliftonStrengths for Students, you will be directed to a different Gallup strengths related website and will not have access to the website.

Purchase Group Codes

Ready to integrate strengths into your department, class, student organization or student group? Order multiple codes through the Gallup Store. The cost of codes is $19.99 per code and is the same price the general public pays for codes.

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