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Faculty-led Study Abroad Trips

It has been said that “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” This is the guiding purpose behind our Study Abroad programs. Each year we offer faculty-led trips to faraway places, in which students can expand their horizons and see the world through a different lens.

These trips have a healthy balance of academic learning, corporate and cultural site visits, and free time for exploring. Along the way, students will be immersed in cultures that speak different languages, have very different norms and expectations, are built on different economic systems, and serve different foods. The faculty members who shepherd each group are all experienced travelers, and locations on the journey have all been vetted in advance for safety as well as learning potential.

Students who go on these journeys range from those who are old pros at travel, to those taking their first trip on an airplane. But once the plane lifts off, we’re all equals in search of an unforgettable experience.

And no matter the cost, after we return we realize the wealth of knowledge and memories we brought back in the suitcase of our mind.

Previous trips have visited the following countries:
2019 - Denmark & Sweden / China (Beijing and Shanghai)
2017 - Germany, Austria, & Switzerland
2016 - India
2015 - Denmark, Sweden, and Norway
2014 - Germany, Austria, & Switzerland
2013 - England (London)
2012 - Denmark (Copenhagen) & Sweden
2011 - England (London)
2010 - Canada (Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and Whistler)
2009 - Russia (Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow)
2008 - Russia (Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow)

Costs for travel, tuition, and fees ranges from $1800 to $4000, depending on location. In the latter part of the Fall semester, students will be required to submit an essay in which they explain their desire to participate in a Study Abroad opportunity. They will also have need to explain how the program will benefit their academic path.

A good candidate is a student who desires a learning experience in an international setting, has a cumulative GPA greater than 3.20, is flexible and open-minded to the uncertainties and unknowns of traveling abroad, and who is willing to follow local laws and customs while having fun and gaining new experiences.

Contact Dr. Robert King for information or to submit an application.

International Business Seminars (IBS) Trips

Thanks to the success of the 2019 China Study Abroad Program, the College of Business has begun working with  International Business Seminars  so that a variety of trips can be offered to meet students’ individual preferences and needs. These programs are typically done with students from one or more other universities. IBS has also made available a $750 scholarship to any WT student who wishes to participate in their upcoming Winter and Summer Open enrollment programs .

The table below compares the benefits of both Study Abroad and IBS Trips. There are unique benefits to both, including times of year, destinations, and academic focus.


Faculty-Led Programs International Business Seminars:
Multiple Programs
Students WT Students Students from Multiple Universities
Base cost - not including
food and other ancillaries
$1,800 - $4,000 plus
airfare and course fees
Starting at $3,749 plus airfare and
course fees. Varies by program.
Accomodations Hostels: 2-6 (WT) Students
per room
Hotels: 2 per room
Locations Varies by program Varies by program
Timeframe Typically in May before
Summer I
Varies by program
Program Size 20-24 students Highly scalable and varies by program
Course Typically
ECON 4321 (Undergraduate)
ECON 5321 (Graduate)
ECON 4392 (Undergraduate)
ECON 5392 (Graduate)
Guaranteed Scholarship n/a IBS WT Scholarship for Winter and
Summer Open Enrollment Programs
Potential Scholarships Study Abroad Office Scholarship/
Schaeffer Scholarship - Varies
based on eligibility
Study Abroad Office Scholarship
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