Department of Management, Marketing and General Business

Degree programs in the MMGB department combine a strong grounding in business fundamentals and expertise in select functional areas. Students can gain breadth within their undergraduate studies by completing the general business major program. The general business program provides a broad understanding of business while allowing students to focus on a variety of areas of emphasis.

International business and its related areas are always exciting as all aspects of the business environment become more global. International business can lead to exciting travel, investment opportunities, and getting to know other cultures and countries.

Organizations need highly talented workforces in order to excel in a global business environment. Human resource professionals are responsible for finding, hiring and developing talent. An emphasis in the field of human resources management can lead to exciting and dynamic career options.

Entrepreneurs and small business creators are the pioneers leading the way into the future. Vision based on a solid but flexible business model combined with adaptable zeal, energy and passion can develop a start-up organization into a stable organization that meets the needs of customers, employees, and communities.

A degree in marketing offers a combination of tried and true marketing strategies with e-commerce and the demands of a knowledge economy. The Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business curriculum provides specialized competencies in marketing strategy, social media and information technology that are essential to professional positions in today’s dynamic marketing environment.

Management is the study of people. A degree in management focuses on hiring people, keeping employees motivated, creating successful teams and becoming an exemplary leader as well as developing the strategies needed to keep the organization viable and competitive in a dynamic environment.

The MBA degree program is one of the strongest academic programs at West Texas A&M University, which includes national rankings by outlets such as U.S. News & World Report, The Princeton Review, and TFE Times.  The MBA programs provides the depth needed in business applications in support of graduates seeking promotion and career advancement.

All of the degree programs in the MMGB department focus on preparing students for intelligent, active and productive participation in business and community life.
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