Syed Anwar

Dr. Syed Tariq Anwar

D.B.A., United States International University
Professor of Marketing

CC 213F • (806) 651-2491 • Dr. Anwar's Email

Dr. Anwar's Biography • Dr. Anwar's Curriculum Vitae

William Biggs

Dr. William Biggs

J.D., University of Chicago
Clinical Assistant Instructor of Business Law

CC 332A • (806) 651-4126 • Dr. Bigg's Email

Dr. Bigg's BiographyDr. Bigg's Curriculum Vitae

Lynsee Bjork

Ms. Lynsee Bjork

M.B.A., West Texas A&M University
Director of Marketing and Outreach Initiatives & Instructor of Management

CC 208K • (806) 651-2501 • Ms. Bjork's Email

Ms. Bjork's Biography • Ms. Bjork's Curriculum Vitae

Andrea Blakely

Dr. Andrea Blakely

Ph.D., University of Mississippi
Assistant Professor of Management

CC 213A • (806) 651-2762 • Ms. Blakely's Email

Dr. Blakely's Biography •  Dr. Blakely's Curriculum Vitae

Brandy Carr

Ms. Brandy Carr

M.S., Texas A&M University 
Coordinator of Undergraduate Business Programs &
Instructor of Business

CC 222C • (806) 651-2690 • Ms. Carr's Email

Ms. Carr's Biography •  Ms. Carr's Curriculum Vitae

Rahul Chauhan

Dr. Rahul Chauhan

Ph.D., University of Oklahoma
Associate Professor of Management & McCray Professor of Business 

CC 228B • (806) 651-4001 • Dr. Chauhan's Email

Dr. Chauhan's Biography • Dr. Chauhan's Curriculum Vitae

Robin Clark

Dr. Robin Clark

J.D., University of Texas
Clinical Assistant Professor of Business Law

CC 213C • (806) 651-2494 • Dr. Clark's Email

Dr. Clark's Biography • Dr. Clark's Curriculum Vitae

R. Nicholas Gerlich

Dr. R. Nicholas Gerlich

Ph.D., Indiana University
Hickman Professor of Marketing

CC 213E • (806) 651-2492 • Dr. Gerlich's Email

Dr. Gerlich's Biography • Dr. Gerlich's Curriculum Vitae

Dave Howe

Dr. Dave Howe

Ph.D., University of Utah
Associate Professor of Management

CC 213K • (806) 651-3869 • Dr. Howe's Email

Dr. Howe's Biography • Dr. Howe's Curriculum Vitae

Turkan Kilic

Dr. Turkan Dursun Kilic

Ph.D., Old Dominion University
Associate Professor of Marketing

CC 213B • (806) 651-2506 • Dr. Kilic's Email

Dr. Kilic's Biography • Dr. Kilic's Curriculum Vitae

Joanna Kimbell

Dr. Joanna Kimbell

J.D. & M.B.A., Baylor University
Clinical Assistant Professor of Business Law & Management

CC 336D • (806) 651-4026 • Dr. Kimbell's Email

Dr. Kimbell's Biography • Dr. Kimbell's Curriculum Vitae

Robert King

Dr. Robert Allen King

Ph.D., University of Mississippi
Associate Dean of Graduate Business Programs,
Associate and Wilder Professor of Marketing

CC 210B • (806) 651-4002 • Dr. King's Email

Dr. King's Biography • Dr. King's Curriculum Vitae

Andrew Li

Dr. Andrew Li

Ph.D., University of Arizona
Williams Professor of Management

CC 213H • (806) 651-2496 • Dr. Li's Email

Dr. Li's Biography • Dr. Li's Curriculum Vitae

Jackie Marr

Ms. Jackie Marr

M.B.A., West Texas A&M University
Instructor of Management

CC 203A • (806) 651-2764 • Ms. Marr's Email

Ms. Marr's Biography • Ms. Marr's Curriculum Vitae

Kelly McCauley

Dr. Kelly McCauley

Ph.D., Texas Tech University
Associate Professor & Engler Professor of Management

CC 228C • (806) 651-2549 • Dr. McCauley's Email

Dr. McCauley's Biography • Dr. McCauley's Curriculum Vitae

Juan Carlos Morales

Dr. Juan Carlos Morales

Ph.D., University of Kansas
Visiting Assistant Professor of Management

CC 213J • (806) 651-4025 • Dr. Morales' Email

Dr. Morales' Biography •  Dr. Morales' Curriculum Vitae

Ashley Morgan

Dr. Ashley Morgan

Ph.D., University of Mississippi
Assistant Professor of Marketing & Macy Professor of Business

CC 213N • (806) 651-2503 • Dr. Morgan's Email

Dr. Morgan's Biography • Dr. Morgan's Curriculum Vitae

Robin Patterson

Dr. Robin Patterson

J.D., University of New Mexico
Assistant Dean, Patterson Professor of Business Law &
Director of Continuous Improvement

CC 214D • (806) 651-2497 • Dr. Patterson's Email

Dr. Patterson's Biography • Dr. Patterson's Curriculum Vitae

Elaina Cantrell Robinson

Dr. Elaina Cantrell Robinson

Ph.D., Texas Tech University
Clinical Assistant Professor of Marketing and Business Communications

CC 228A • (806) 651-2761 • Dr. Robinson's Email

Dr. Robinson's Biography •  Dr. Robinson's Curriculum Vitae

Steve Sellars

Mr. Steve Sellars

M.B.A., Texas A&M University
Career Services Experiential Education Coordinator &
Part-time Instructor of Management

CC 113 • (806) 651-2345 • Mr. Sellars' Email

Mr. Sellars' Biography • Mr. Sellars' Curriculum Vitae

Jonathan Shaffer

Dr. Jonathan Shaffer

Ph.D., University of Iowa
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Business Programs &
Pickens Professor of Management

CC 220A • (806) 651-2489 • Dr. Shaffer's Email

Dr. Shaffer's Biography • Dr. Shaffer's Curriculum Vitae

Nate Xu

Dr. M. Nate Xu

Ph.D., University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign
Assistant Professor of Management

CC 213G • (806) 651-2765 • Dr. Xu's Email

Dr. Xu's Biography •  Dr. Xu's Curriculum Vitae

Jillian Yarbrough

Dr. Jillian Yarbrough

Ph.D., Texas A&M University
Clinical Assistant & Virginia Engler Professor of Business Management

CC 336G • (806) 651-4114 • Dr. Yarbrough's Email

Dr. Yarbrough's Biography • Dr. Yarbrough's Curriculum Vitae

Jae Yoo

Dr. Jae Kyun Yoo

Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Assistant Professor of Management

CC 213M • (806) 651-2498 • Dr. Yoo's Email

Dr. Yoo's Biography • Dr. Yoo's Curriculum Vitae

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