Master of Science in Strategic Human Resource Management
  • This program will launch in Fall 2024 pending approval from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

  • SHRM Aligned

  • Available 100% Online

  • AACSB Accredited

  • Open to All Business and Non-Business Applicants 

  • GMAT Waiver Available

  • 31 Credit Hours* - Transfer Friendly

  • Approximately $500/credit hour**

  • Free SHRM - CP/SCP Prep Course Included

Preadmission Degree Plan
Dr. Jillian Yarbrough

Dr. Jillian Yarbrough, Clinical Assistant Professor of Management & Virginia Engler Professor of Business

Take your place in the next generation of business leaders with a
Master of Science in Strategic Human Resource Management

The Master of Science in Strategic Human Resource Management (MS-SHRM) prepares students for a different type of HR, one that focuses on the bigger picture. Specifically, strategic human resource management is unique because it focuses on how to align organizational operations with overall firm strategies and how HR can play an indispensable role in shaping the strategies and future of an organization.

With a MS degree in Strategic Human Resource Management, you will be able to contribute to the success of your organization in the following ways:

  1. Achieve organizational competitive advantage through strategic alignment of employees and organizational goals.
  2. Foster organizational human capital leadership specifically contributing to the identification, development, and maximization of each employee.
  3. Align various HR functions with the overall organizational strategy.
  4. Serve as an invaluable resource to the organization by solving intractable problems such as low employee motivation and performance, high turnover, and misalignment between firm strategies and operational priorities.


SHRM Academically Aligned

The Society for Human Resource Management's Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) Exam is among the most comprehensive competency based certifications available for HR professionals. Possessing this universally respected certification can act as a powerful advantage and tool in the field of HR. Our college worked with SHRM to make sure our curriculum aligned with the knowledge needed to pass this exam.



Commonly Asked Questions

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Program Details

The time commitment to earn a master's degree can be daunting, and balancing a job at the same time is even more stressful. But don’t worry. We designed our MS-SHRM program for working professionals like you by offering asynchronous programs that encourage you to complete coursework at a time that works for you. 

You choose your course load each semester within four semesters each year:

  • Fall - Last week of August through the end of November, 14 weeks
  • Spring - Mid-January through the end of April, 14 weeks
  • Summer 1 - Beginning of June through the first week of July
  • Summer 2 - Second week of July through the third week of August

Degree Requirements

Requirements shown below are for the 2024-2025 catalog year.


Students seeking an MSSHRM degree must first establish proficiency in Accounting. This proficiency may be established by courses taken in an undergraduate program, by completing an advanced standing examination in this area, or by taking ACCT 6300.

This leveling course will be built-in to the degree plan for students who need to take it. This means that the program could be 31 - 34 hours depending on leveling requirements. 


Get Your Personalized Preadmission Degree Plan

To see if you are required to take leveling classes and if you qualify for a GMAT waiver, request your personalized Preadmission Degree Plan today. We will send your Preadmission Degree Plan within 1-2 business days.
AACSB Accredited

The Paul & Virginia Engler College of Business is accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, which is the highest accrediting body for business colleges. Less than ten percent of business programs in the world achieve this standard of excellence.

MS-SHRM Program Faculty for 2024-2025


Faculty Degree Institution
Goutham Abotula Ph.D.  Washington State University
Rahul Chauhan Ph.D.  University of Oklahoma
Robin Clark  J.D.  University of Texas
Dave Howe Ph.D.  University of Utah
Scott Jones Ph.D. University of Arizona
Andrew Li Ph.D.  University of Arizona
Kelly McCauley Ph.D. Texas Tech University
Eric McKee Ph.D.  University of Iowa
Juan Carlos Morales Ph.D.  University of Kansas
Jonathan Shaffer Ph.D.  University of Iowa
Huabing Wang Ph.D. University of Alabama
M. Nate Xu Ph.D.  University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign
Jillian Yarbrough Ph.D.  Texas A&M University 
Jae Kyun Yoo Ph.D.  University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign
Wei Zhang Ph.D. University of Minnesota


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