Program Costs

Investing in yourself and elevating your career path is a wise choice. Choosing the Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business is another wise choice because your return on investment increases throughout your career. Many of our students take advantage of funding opportunities and our competitive rates to change their career path.

Cost of attendance is determined by residency status, hours of enrollment and semester type (Fall/Spring, Winter Intersession, or Summers). Tuition and Fees are for budget purposes only and are subject to change without notice by the Legislation or Texas A&M University Board of Regents. 

Residency Status

Texas and Approved Border County Residents and Permanent Visa Residents of Texas and Border counties  
Non-Resident, Out of State (U.S. and Permanent Visa residents residing outside of Texas)  
Non-Resident, International  

Learning Materials

The Engler College of Business strives to keep learning materials affordable for all students by utilizing technology and tools that best fit the topics of each course. Each course is different in what types of learning material are required. Some classes may require traditional hard copy textbooks, while others may offer options for e-books, case studies, and personally written notes from the professor. For budgetary purposes students can estimate approximately $100 per class for learning materials. 

Scholarship Opportunities

College of Business Scholarships  
WTAMU Scholarships  

Employer Tuition Assistance

In today's competitive markets, employers offer benefits of tuition assistance to allow established employees to increase their education, and thus increase their value to their company. West Texas A&M University accepts tuition assistance from employers.


  • Contact your HR/education office to determine what you need to submit (usually your student bill for the semester)
  • Employer will issue tuition assistance form
  • E-mail form using your secure Buff e-mail along with your name and Buff ID to the Accounting and Business office,, prior to the payment deadline each semester 

Contact the Accounting and Business Office for more information. 

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available in the form of unsubsidized loans through the federal government. The general steps to apply for financial aid are:

  • Fill out a FAFSA on the Federal Student Aid webpage
  • Link the appropriate tax return to the FAFSA
  • Summer semesters require an additional form to be filled out on the Financial Aid webpage before aid will be processed for these semesters.
  • Manage your aid package through Buff Advisor on Accept/Reject My Awards

Please see the Financial Aid webpage for more information.



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