Undergraduate Probation/Suspension Information

General Information

  • Academic Probation Forms

    • Undergraduate Students
      • Probation Conditions and Plan for Improvement - Electronic Form for students placed on probation at the end of the semester.  Complete the online form to initiate contact with an advisor for re-greenlighting and discussion of any necessary schedule changes.
    • Graduate Students

  • Academic Suspension Forms

  • NOTICE:  WTAMU will not accept any documents via Google Docs.

    • NOTE: All Holds (financial and otherwise) must be cleared before the committee will review any appeal or reinstatement requests.  Students who have been out a semester, also submit an Admission Application (See Application Deadlines on the Admissions website).


  • Request for Reinstatement After Serving Second Academic Suspension - Students MUST submit a returning student admission application by the deadline for the desired term (See Application Deadlines on the Admissions website).  Submission Deadlines for the Request for Reinstatement are the same as those for the Suspension Appeal Form above (***NOTE***Students wishing to return after a third or subsequent suspension may complete this form also)


  • Suspension Appeal Form - Students wishing to appeal the time period of a suspension, complete this form for submission to the Academic Review Committee. 
    • Submission Deadlines:
      • Friday, May 31, 2024, 5 pm
        • for review by the committee Wednesday, June 5, 2024