Transcript and Replacement Diploma Request


Per federal law, only students themselves may request transcripts. Parents, guardians, spouses, and other third-parties may not request transcripts on behalf of a student and doing so may constitute fraud.

                           (See Transcript product details for information on Third-Party restrictions.)



Attention Students Enrolled in Spring 2022 Courses:

  • Semester Grades & Academic Standing: Are now posted on transcripts for the Spring term.
  • Degrees: Will be posted on transcripts by Friday, May 27th.

If you recently graduated this Spring and place orders on our Parchment ordering service, please indicate "Hold for Degree". Otherwise your orders will be processed before degrees are posted.



General Information:

  • How to access your Unofficial Transcript:                                                                                                                                                                        (Please call 806-651-4911 if you have questions)
    1. Login to your My Buff Portal
    2. go to Buff Advisor
    3. select Academics
    4. select Unofficial Transcript from the drop-down menu
  • Currently Enrolled students* may request a free official paper transcript to be printed by emailing from their WT Student Email Address.
  • Returning students* do not need to provide their WT transcript to the WT Admissions Office or WT Graduate school.
  • Former students* all orders must be placed online through Parchment. Orders cannot be made over the phone.
  • A hold on a student account will prevent transcripts, diplomas, or apostilles from being released.
  • Paper transcripts which remain in the original sealed envelope are considered official.
  • e-Transcripts are only official to the person identified as the recipient unless otherwise indicated by the receiving organization/business/institution.

WTAMU Serves as the repository for transcripts from the now defunct Northwest Texas Hospital nursing program.  Students who need this transcript should note NWTH in the degree field when ordering the paper copy.


Parchment ordering service:

This online service allows Current and Former Students to place orders for products offered by the university. Orders may take up to 7 Business Days to process.



Account Login and Creation:

  • If you used the Active Buff Portal option to access Parchment in the past, please contact the WTAMU IT Department for a password reset (806-651-4357).
  • All students using the Former Student option, please contact Parchment Support for account login or creation assistance.                         ->

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