New Student Finance Guide

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Questions about financial planning and how to pay for college? Contact ECU Buff $mart.

The Education Credit Union Buff $mart Program provides tools, resources and financial education to students to graduate without owing a fortune and become financially independent.  We assist students with personalized financial planning for college, one-on-one coaching sessions and financial education to help encourage positive financial behaviors for students to have financial success and graduate from WTAMU.

New Student Finance Guide

After you have registered for classes, follow the action steps below to complete the payment process. Click here to download a copy of the Student Financial Service Guide for 2024 Orientations. 

1. View Your Bill
  • Log into Buff Connect on the WT Home Page
  • Click the "Buff Advisor" Icon
  • Select the "Student Finance" menu
  • For details, click "Account Activity" 
    • This page breaks your bill down by charges, payments, financial aid (FA) and refunds

For more information on viewing bill click here.

2. Sign up for Direct Deposit
  • Follow steps 1-2 under "View Your Bill"
  • Select the "Banking Information" menu
  • Click "Add an Account" -> "Activate Account"
  • Enter your banking information

For more information on how to sign up for direct deposit click here.

For more information on refunds click here.

3. Complete Financial Aid Checklist

Before completing this step you will have needed to complete the FAFSA application. To complete the application click here.


  • Follow steps 1-2 from item "1"
  • Select the "Financial Aid" menu
  • Confirm FAFSA Status
  • Complete the checklist

For more information on Financial Aid click here.

4. Accept/Decline Awards
  • Follow steps 1-2 from item "3"
  • Click "Review and Accept your Financial Aid Award Package"
For explination of aid types and requirements click here.


5. For Loans
  • Complete Entrance Counseling
  • Sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN)

Refer to your Buff Advisor, Financial Aid self service for links to complete step 5.

6. Scholarships
  • Apply for scholarships at
  • Accept Scholarships and submit thank you letter following the instructions provided by the awarding department
  • For External Scholarship Procedures click here
8. Check out ECU Buff $mart Program

Have questions or need clarifaction on any of the above? Need a plan to finance your education? Need tips on money management? Contact us at 806.651.2369 or

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