External Scholarship Procedures

An external scholarship is one the student receives from a source other than West Texas A&M University.

Where to send scholarship checks

Send all scholarship checks for students to Scholarship Services.
West Texas A&M University
Scholarship Services
WTAMU Box 60765
Canyon, Texas 79016

Make all checks payable to West Texas A&M University. If the donor prefers to make the check co-payable to the student and WTAMU it should be understood that the proceeds cannot be applied to the student’s account as a payment until the student’s endorsement has been secured.

What to include with a scholarship check

Please include the following with each check.

  • Contact information (organization or donor name, address, phone number)
  •  Student’s/Recipient’s Name
  • Student’s ID/Buffalo Gold Card number, if known or another source of identifying information such as birthday, address, etc.
  • Disbursement Letter/Instructions (e.g., Fall only, Spring only, l/2 Fall or l/2 Spring)

When to send scholarship checks

We recommend that checks be submitted to Scholarship Services by the following dates:
July 1 - fall semester billing
November 1 - spring semester billing

Students may accrue late fees if external scholarship checks are not received prior to the bill date.  Students should contact the Business Office at to discuss payment options if scholarship checks do not arrive by the bill due date.

Scholarships are not reflected on the student’s account until the check has been received by Scholarship Services and processed by Financial Aid and the Business Office.

Scholarship Disbursement

Once students are enrolled, their scholarships credit to their accounts.  Scholarships are disbursed according to the term(s) specified by the donor.  If the donor does not indicate a distribution schedule and the student does not notify our office of any distribution preference, WTAMU will pay awards as follows:

Scholarship checks for less than $1000.00 are applied to the current semester. 
Scholarship checks for $1000 or more will be split evenly between the Fall and the Spring semesters if applicable.

For those students who have applied for grants, long-term loans, work-study, or other aid via the FREE APPLICATION FOR FEDERAL STUDENT AID, it is imperative that Scholarship Services be notified of scholarships from external sources.  Also, please notify Scholarship Services if another disbursement will be sent for the spring semester.  In the financial aid process, scholarships are counted as a resource for that year. 

Scholarship funds first pay students’ outstanding WTAMU charges.  After a student’s current WTAMU charges are paid, any credit balance is refunded to the student by the Business Office beginning the fourth class day.

Effects of scholarships on other aid

The receipt of external scholarship funds may result in the reduction or repayment of need-based financial assistance previously awarded to the student by West Texas A&M University.  In accordance with federal regulations, Financial Aid is required to monitor whether a student’s total financial assistance remains within their financial need-based eligibility.  Whenever possible, loans and federal work-study are reduced before federal or institutional gift-aid (e.g., grants and scholarships).

Student Athletes

 Student-athletes are subject to additional rules regarding financial aid.  To comply with NCAA regulations, the financial aid office is required to send a letter to all external scholarship donors in order to ensure external scholarships meet the eligibility criteria as established by the NCAA. Once the letter is returned it is reviewed by both the Financial Aid Office as well as the Athletic Department to determine if it meets the eligibility requirements.  This may cause delay in scholarship funds being awarded. 

Student-athletes should report all financial aid from external sources.  Failure to provide this information can cause delays in payment or fees, in approval of status for practice or play, and in the revisions to other aid received.

Refunds to scholarship donors

If the student is not enrolled on the census date each semester, (the 12th class of fall and spring), funds will be returned to the donor.  It may take two to three weeks to process these transactions.  If a student withdraws after the census date, the donor is responsible for collecting the funds from the students if they elect. 

Bill/Invoice for scholarship payment

Scholarship Services does not bill donors for scholarship payments.  If an invoice or bill is required for payment, the student needs to provide a copy of his or her account statement from the Accounting and Business Office to the donor. 

Confirmation of check receipt

Scholarship Services will acknowledge receipt of the scholarship to the donor; this is in addition to the student’s thank you to the donor.

For more information

If you have questions about these procedures, please contact Scholarship Services at (806) 651-3330.