Scholarships for Transfer Students

Scholarships for Transfer Students

The following scholarships are awarded once you have: 1) been accepted for admission, 2) met the necessary criteria for the scholarship with official documentation, and applied for financial aid through submission of the FAFSA and cleared verification while funds are still available (by July 31st for the fall and Dec. 1st for the spring). 3) Enroll full-time (minimum of 12 hours per term, Fall and Spring). You will receive the largest scholarship for which you are qualified.

These awards don't require a scholarship application, but we encourage you to do so. You will receive official notification of your award to accept and write a thank you letter.  This notification will also include additional information about the requirements for your scholarship.

Buff Transfer Scholarship  
Maroon Transfer Scholarship  
President's Transfer Scholarship  
Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship  

Award and Renewal Information

Award Process

For the best scholarship opportunities, apply as soon as possible. Scholarships are awarded while funds last.

Who is a transfer student? Students who enroll for the first time at WT with more than 12 post-high school credit hours will be considered transfer students for the purposes of these scholarships.

Once required admission documentation (official transcripts, etc.) and FAFSA application (if required) are received, students must accept the award online.  Then, the scholarship with the highest monetary value for which they qualify will be applied to their accounts.   The Phi Theta Kappa scholarship will be applied to your account when membership has been documented and your scholarship accepted via our website. Please send verification of membership directly to the scholarship office at

Are you looking for additional scholarships? You are encouraged to apply directly to the Scholarship Office for additional WT Foundation scholarships. These additional awards are not automatic and require an application before the listed deadline.

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*Renewal for a Second Year

You must earn 30 WT credit hours, maintain a 3.0 cumulative WT GPA the first academic year at WT, and complete the FAFSA to be eligible for renewal of this scholarship. If you maintain this standard, your scholarship will be renewed for a second year. Once awarded, you will accept it online.  Scholarships are divided equally between Fall and Spring terms.  For consideration of departmental and donor scholarship funds, please complete the scholarship application each year prior to Feb. 1st  It is available online at

Transfer Student Resources

For additional transfer information, admissions deadlines and careers services, visit Transfer Student Resources page here.

ECU Buff $mart is a money management education program. We provide tools and resources to assist students on making a plan to finance their college and much more. Check out our website to make an appointment with us today.

* For transfers starting Fall 2021, the cumulative WT GPA has been changed to 3.0