Money Management Bootcamp

2023 Money Management Bootcamp

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Scholarships and other prizes will be given away based on attendance, participation and other criteria. Up to 10 $250 scholarships will be awarded and possibly more!

Topics Covered:

  • Paying for College
  • Building Credit Responsibly 
  • Saving
  • Budgeting
  • Overcoming Financial Barriers

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We have 4 sections availbe to choose from. Pick the one that best fits your schedule.

  1. Section 1
    • September 5 - October 3
      • Every Tuesday at 4 pm
  2. Section 2
    • September 5 - October 3
      • Every Tuesday at 5:30 pm
  3. Section 3
    • October 11 - November 8
      • Every Wednesday at 4 pm
  4. Section 4
    • October 11 - November 8
      • Every Wednesday at 5:30 pm
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What are past graduates saying?

  • 100% would reccommend Money Management Bootcamp to a friend.
  • 92% plans to use a budgeting system after bootcamp. (Only 19% used a system before.)
  • By attending the bootcamp, I was able to better understand and comprehend the terminology and inner complexities of money.
  • Enhanced my knowledge in budgeting and helped release much stress about finances.
  • I have learned a lot about credit, budgeting my income, and have knowledge of how to apply for scholarships.
  • It helped put money management like budgeting, credit, etc. into a college student’s perspective.
  • Personally, I learned so much about credit and learned many ways to save and make money that I did not think of before.
  • Colton did a phenomenal job of keeping the audience engaged which helped the entire class seem fun and exciting.
  • I enjoyed how engaging it was with the activities and the info.
  • I would say being able to have fun when talking about money.
  • My favorite part of attending the bootcamp was meeting new people, being able to understand and be introduced to terms I was unfamiliar with, and how to approach a budget.
  • My favorite part was just the fun environment. It was enthusiastic and made me want to learn more.
  • This course is broken down and explained well, and also assignments helped through the course.
  • Money Management Bootcamp has been a blast; I realize the irony in this statement, (money management, a blast?), but it really has been! Colton and the WT Staff kept things lively and relatable while providing an in-depth learning experience. I enjoyed every lesson, but my favorite had to be the lesson on budgeting. The budgeting lesson was practical but impactful. I appreciate all the Buff $mart team does to create such an incredible event.
  • This money management bootcamp was very useful for me and my financial future. I've actually taken a couple of financial classes previously but I still hadn't wrapped my mind around credit until Mr. Colten really explained it well for me. I know some disciplines that I should be doing but this class really reinforced that I should be budgeting and taught me many ways to save and make money, which is really important obviously being in college.  I want to thank those who were involved in putting this together and I would definitely go to it again.
  • Overall, it was very informative, and I will attend the spring workshop. I would recommend it to any with little experience or experience in finances, no matter your level you will learn something.
  • Money management was my favorite class this semester. I don’t usually learn to retain information for my life but in this class, I made sure to retain this information to better my life in the future. I learned so much from this class and honestly wish it was longer. Because of the knowledge that I have now, I am able to ask better questions for more specific areas and not feel super intimidated dealing with money and debt.
  • As paradoxical as it sounds, I have taken a class at a college-level institution that has given me knowledge that is historically "not taught in school." For a Cuban immigrant, terms like "credit, student loan, APY, or scholarship" are just a bunch of popular criteria, often full of inconsistencies with each other. Today, however, I can lead my life toward financial independence knowing that I am on the right path thanks to the tools that this Education Credit Union course gave me. This "Money Management Bootcamp" has been an invaluable source of resources for me to avoid the stress of debt and manage my money more effectively. Today I am confident that I am making smart financial decisions to achieve my SMART goals.
  • Coming in I thought that I knew what was going to be talked about like how to budget, how to make goals, and how to obtain scholarships. It was much more than that because I learned the different ways to save for a retirement fund and how to budget properly and wisely. The best thing that happened every week after the lesson was the assignments because they were so quick and easy but also helped me stay engaged.
  • The interesting thing I loved most about the money management class was the inclusivity of the hosts. They really executed their position in a nice manner. Colten was by far the most enthusiastic of them all and really made the class so much more intriguing. I would definitely keep this class the same for years to come. It was such an experience to learn so much about how to better finance my money.
  • When I came into the financial Bootcamp I had no experience in anything financial related. Every week I learned new material I had never heard of before. From budgeting my money, to credit, to even cyber security. The financial bootcamp taught me so many new things, I cannot just pick one. I am so grateful for this camp and I would highly recommend it.
  • During money management bootcamp I learned a lot and had lots of fun. I learned how to save my money by applying for scholarships and by using a budget. I learned a lot about credit and how to improve my credit score. I also learned a lot about common financial mistakes and debt. I really enjoyed bootcamp because of the fun environment and learning opportunity.
  • When I joined the boot camp, I thought it was going to be about stuff I had already known. After week 1 I quickly realized that it was not in fact what I thought. Throughout the 5 weeks, I was able to walk away with new information. I found that there are so many facts playing into a credit score and that having a SMART goal is essential when it comes to money.
  • The Money Management Bootcamp was definitely an eye-opener, I thought it was going to be repeated information about what I already knew from parents and friends but it was filled with helpful information in a straightforward manner. I liked how they didn't sugarcoat things and told us the truth about how difficult but doable saving/spending money can be. Credit was something that was very helpful to learn about, especially the importance it has when thinking about making a big purchase and what we had to do to get a good credit score in order to make that big purchase possible. Investing was also a nice one to learn about since I've only heard about it but now that I have the basic concept of it, I'm interested in how I could invest to make more money. Overall, I'm glad I attended the classes to learn how to manage, spend, save and do so much more with my money.