Anne Barthel

Dr. Anne-Christine Barthel

Ph.D., University of Kansas
Associate Professor of Economics and Decision Management &
Hodges Professor of Business

CC 336B • (806) 651-4116 •  Dr. Barthel's Email

Dr. Barthel's BiographyDr. Barthel's Curriculum Vitae

Preston Branch

Mr. Preston Branch

M.P.A. and C.P.A., West Texas A&M University
Instructor of Accounting

CC 203C • (806) 651-2524 • Mr. Branch's Email

Mr. Branch's Biography • Mr. Branch's Curriculum Vitae

David Clark

Mr. David W. Clark

M.P.A. and C.P.A., West Texas A&M University
Instructor of Accounting and Healthcare Management

CC 222J • (806) 651-2996 •  Mr. Clark's Email

Mr. Clark's Biography • Mr. Clark's Curriculum Vitae

Karen Cooley

Ms. Karen Cooley

M.B.A. and C.P.A., West Texas A&M University 
Instructor of Accounting

CC 222F • (806) 651-2512 • Ms. Cooley's Email

Ms. Cooley's Biography •  Ms. Cooley's Curriculum Vitae

De'Arno De'Armond

Dr. De'Arno De'Armond

Ph.D., Texas Tech University
Associate Dean of Graduate School & Research and
Paul Engler Professor of Business & Finance

KRC 122 • (806) 651-2490 •  Dr. De'Armond's Email

Dr. De'Armond's Biography •  Dr. De'Armond's Curriculum Vitae

Dieudonne Dusenge

Dr. Dieudonne Dusenge

Ph.D., University of Arkansas
Assistant Professor of Accounting

CC 222A • (806) 651-2786 • Dr. Dusenge's Email

Dr. Dusenge's Biography •  Dr. Dusenge's Curriculum Vitae

Eric Hoffman

Dr. Eric Hoffmann

Ph.D., University of Kansas
Associate & Pickens Professor of Economics

CC 215D • (806) 651-3865 •  Dr. Hoffmann's Email

Dr. Hoffmann's Biography •  Dr. Hoffmann's Curriculum Vitae

Scott Jones

Dr. Scott Jones

Ph.D., University of Arizona
Assistant Professor of Finance & Foust Professor of Business

CC 215E • (806) 651-2521 • Dr. Jones' Email

Dr. Jones' Biography •  Dr. Jones' Curriculum Vitae

Lisa Lightfoot

Ms. Lisa Lightfoot

M.P.A. and C.P.A., West Texas A&M University
Instructor of Accounting

CC 203D • (806) 651-4029 •  Ms. Lightfoot's Email

Ms. Lightfoot's Biography •  Ms. Lightfoot's Curriculum Vitae

Matt Loftin

Mr. Matt Loftin

M.P.S., George Washington University
Instructor of Economics & Miller Professor of Entrepreneurship

CC 212B • (806) 651-2770 •  Mr. Loftin's Email

Mr. Loftin's Biography •  Mr. Loftin's Curriculum Vitae

Anne Macy

Dr. Anne Macy

Ph.D., Texas Tech University
Gene Edwards Professor of Finance

CC 215C • (806) 651-2523 •  Dr. Macy's Email

Dr. Macy's Biography •  Dr. Macy's Curriculum Vitae

Ryan Mattson

Dr. Ryan Mattson

Ph.D., University of Kansas
Associate Professor of Economics

CC 332E • (806) 651-2509 •  Dr. Mattson's Email

Dr. Mattson's Biography •  Dr. Mattson's Curriculum Vitae

Eric McKee

Dr. Eric McKee

Ph.D., University of Iowa
Assistant Professor of Finance

CC 327D • (806) 651-2768 •  Dr. McKee's Email

Dr. McKee's Biography •  Dr. McKee's Curriculum Vitae

Neil Meredith

Dr. Neil Meredith

Ph.D., University of Georgia
Associate Professor of Economics & Dana Professor of Business

CC 332B • (806) 651-2493 •  Dr. Meredith's Email

Dr. Meredith's Biography •  Dr. Meredith's Curriculum Vitae

Lisa Mitchell

Ms. Lisa Mitchell

M.B.A., West Texas A&M University
Senior Coordinator of Graduate Programs & Instructor of Finance

CC 208K • (806) 651-2501 •  Ms. Mitchell's Email

Ms. Mitchell's Biography •  Ms. Mitchell's Curriculum Vitae

Jim Owens

Dr. James Owens

D.B.A., Harvard University
Part-time Professor of Finance & Hodges Professor of Corporate Governance

CC 215A • (806) 651-2519 •  Dr. Owens' Email

Dr. Owens' Biography •  Dr. Owens' Curriculum Vitae

Rex Pjesky

Dr. Rex Pjesky

Ph.D., University of Oklahoma
Associate Dean of the Graduate School & Professor of Economics

KRC 106 • (806) 651-2737 •  Dr. Pjesky's Email

Dr. Pjesky's Biography •  Dr. Pjesky's Curriculum Vitae

Nika Qiao

Dr. Nika Qiao

Ph.D.,  University of California, Berkeley
Assistant Professor of Accounting

CC 222B • (806) 651-2758 •  Dr. Qiao's Email

Dr. Qiao's Biography • Dr. Qiao's Curriculum Vitae

Nurul Rafi

Dr. Nurul Rafi

Ph.D., Louisiana State University
Assistant Professor of Finance

CC 327E • (806) 651-2895 •  Dr. Rafi's Email

Dr. Rafi's Biography •  Dr. Rafi's Curriculum Vitae

Dallin Smith

Dr. Dallin Smith

Ph.D.,  Case Western Reserve University
Assistant Professor of Accounting & Schaeffer Professor of Business Ethics

CC 222G • (806) 651-2516 •  Dr. Smith's Email

Dr. Smith's Biography • Dr. Smith's Curriculum Vitae

Oscar Solis

Dr. Oscar Solis

Ph.D., Texas Tech University
Associate Professor of Finance & Edwards Professor of Financial Planning

CC 327C • (806) 651-2772 •  Dr. Solis' Email

Dr. Solis' Biography •  Dr. Solis' Curriculum Vitae

Lee Stitzel

Dr. Brandli Stitzel

Ph.D., University of Oklahoma
Associate Professor of Economics

CC 336F • (806) 651-4122 •  Dr. Stitzel's Email

Dr. Stitzel's Biography •  Dr. Stitzel's Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Neil Terry

Ph.D., Texas Tech University
Executive Vice President and Provost & Paul Engler Professor of Economics

OM 307 • (806) 651-2043 •  Dr. Terry's Email

Dr. Terry's Biography •  Dr. Terry's Curriculum Vitae

Barbara Wang

Dr. H. Barbara Wang

Ph.D., University of Alabama
Professor of Finance & Gene Edwards Professor of Banking

CC 215F • (806) 651-2508 •  Dr. Wang's Email

Dr. Wang's Biography •  Dr. Wang's Curriculum Vitae

Wei Zhang

Dr. Wei Zhang

Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Assistant Professor of Finance

CC 327G • (806) 651-4125 •  Dr. Zhang's Email

Dr. Zhang's Biography •  Dr. Zhang's Curriculum Vitae

Chen Zhao

Dr. Chen Zhao

Ph.D.,  West Virginia University
Assistant & Edwards Professor of Accounting

CC 215J • (806) 651-2517 •  Dr. Zhao's Email

Dr. Zhao's Biography • Dr. Zhao's Curriculum Vitae

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