Avery Shelton

Social Work

Avery Shelton, a social work major, was looking for a career path where she could be a resource to those who are struggling with mental health. She attended a career fair in high school where West Texas A&M University had a booth. Avery saw WT had different programs that fit her career goals, and decided to major in social work as it presented her with the opportunity to work in a larger city doing medical social work. Creating policy and making an impact on those in need is a passion for Avery. At WT, Avery has been able to form connections with her professors who are making a massive impact on her future career. She chose WT because of the smaller class sizes as well as being close to home; home being Amarillo, Texas. Avery is gaining the skills needed to be successful in the social work field through her classes, the tutoring center, and her student job as a peer leader. 

As a peer leader, Avery is learning the necessary skills of leadership, communication, and problem solving. Avery described being a peer leader as a fantastic way to become involved on the WT campus. It gives her a community outside of the classroom, and she can share her love for WT with new and prospective students.

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Avery Shelton