Kalvy Thompson

Business Finance

Kalvy, an accounting major from Lubbock, Texas, transferred to West Texas A&M University because of its great resources and environment. After receiving his electrician certification from another university, Kalvy decided to pursue his dream of becoming an accountant. Growing up, Kalvy wanted to be a chemist because of his regard for math. After taking a few chemistry courses, he realized being a chemist full-time was not the path he wanted to take.  Kalvy went to work with his dad, who is an accountant, and found that accounting was fun, and it had to deal with numbers, which he is so passionate about. 

Kalvy chose WT because he was able to transfer with all his credits. Now, Kalvy is looking to create a network that will open an opportunity for him to move to New York City, where he wants to become an accountant for a large firm. When asked for his best advice for students considering transferring to WT, Kalvy said “WT has a great atmosphere, amazing professors, and amazing events like career fairs.” he mentioned WT hosts many career and internship fairs, and these fairs are one of the fantastic resources he takes advantage of. Kalvy has had the chance to meet with potential employers and make a network of contacts in his respective field.

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Kalvy Thompson