Natasha Netter

Criminal Justice

Natasha, an international student from Germany, is studying criminal justice. Natasha’s goal is to become a police officer in Europe, and work for Interpole. Being a police officer is all about helping people for Natasha. She wants to make an impact in her home country but is finishing her education at WT because Germany does not offer criminal justice as a major. Natasha transferred to West Texas A&M University from a community college. She decided to transfer to WT after speaking with her previous professors and realizing that WT had valuable resources and great opportunities to network. In fact, most of her community college professors are WT alumni, which helped her decide that WT was her next step.  

Natasha has taken advantage of WT’s numerous career fairs, which allowed her to network with experts in criminal justice. She explained that WT is full of people who are always willing to help students find where they fit in and are willing to help you find future career opportunities. At WT, Natasha’s international advisor was extremely helpful with her transition to WT.

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Natasha Netter