Cheyenne Garcia

Environmental Engineering

Cheyenne Garcia is an environmental engineering student who is making her dreams of working in wastewater treatment a reality. Higher education was a backup plan for Cheyenne, but as soon as she started at Amarillo College, she fell in love with it. Cheyenne started her higher education journey in 2016 studying biology at AC. After taking a short break from school, Cheyenne finished at AC then decided to transfer to West Texas A&M University. At WT, Cheyenne realized she had a passion for addressing and resolving environmental challenges. Wastewater treatment is where her excitement within environmental engineering lies.

Cheyenne’s parents and boyfriend has been a wonderful support system who have provided guidance and encouragement during her higher education journey. After graduation, Cheyenne hopes to continue her love for learning and education by possibly earning a master's degree in mechanical engineering. Cheyenne lives by the philosophy, “have fun learning and don’t be too hard on yourself.”

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Cheyenne Garcia