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The WT Academic Digital Marketing Team, our mission is to ignite the spark of curiosity, inspire lifelong learning, and empower educational journeys through strategic and innovative digital marketing. We are dedicated to connecting students, educators, and lifelong learners with the transformative power of knowledge by leveraging cutting-edge digital strategies.
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Video Projects

Buckywood: Squid Game

My Next Step: Aubyn

Program Highlight: Victor Sanusi | Master of Environmental Science

WT Legacy: Soil & Crops Judging Teams

Student Focused Projects


Bucky Studying Rec Sports
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ADM Awards & Recognition

Telly Awards

Telly Awards

The primary purpose of the Telly Awards is to recognize creative intelligence and showcase educational resources for the community. With an overwhelming amount of digital consumption, Telly Awards recognizes the best work created within video for all screens. We have submitted and won Telly Awards for video content made for different online platforms like website and social media.

Heart of Social Work

Heart of Social Work

The social work program hosts an event each year where they celebrate accomplishments and hand out awards to deserving parties. Our team was fortunate enough to receive the Heart of Social Work Award. This award represents the successful partnership ADM has with the social work program. Through collaboration and team effort, we were able to create content and distribute the content through the website and social media platforms.

Meet the
ADM Team

Madison Mays

University Director of Digital Marketing | 651-2379 | OM 237


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Senior Video Network Specialist

 651-2189 | OM 321B

Bailee Gerlich

Bailee Gerlich

Marketing Creative Manager | 651-2041 | OM 217A

Kelsey Braudt

Kelsey Braudt

Communications Specialist | 651-2041 | OM 217

Jordan Conde

Jordan Conde

Communications Specialist | 651-2047 | OM 321


Rik Andersen

Photographer | 651-2049 | OM 217 B