Incomplete Grade ("I")


A Grade of "I" indicates a portion of required course work has not been completed and evaluated in the prescribed time period due to unforeseen, but fully justified (i.e. hospitalization, personal injury), reasons and there is still a possibility of earning credit.  

  • It is the student's responsibility to bring pertinent information to the instructor and request the incomplete option.

Incomplete Grade Process:

  • Professor and student will have a conversation to determine if a grade of incomplete is is an option.
    • Items to consider
      • Has student completed a significant (60%) portion of a course, but still needs to complete a project, an assignment or two, take an exam, etc.
      • Is the student currently passing the course?
        • If not, is a grade of incomplete a realistic option?
      • A grade of incomplete cannot be issued prior to the drop/withdrawal date for the semester.
      • An incomplete cannot be issued when a student will need to retake the entire course.
      • Incompletes must be approved by the department chair/direct supervisor.
      • Student will not be allowed to drop the course and may not receive a grade of X once an incomplete has been granted.
      • Will WTClass access be needed?
        • If yes, must be noted on form.
      • The student will have no more than six (6) months to complete the contract.
  • Once the professor and student have met, professor will submit the Contract for Incomplete resulting in a temporary grade of "I" posting to the students record by Registrar Office staff (pending approvals below).
  • An email will be sent to the student.
    • Student will review terms of the contract.
      • If s/he agrees to the terms of the contract, the student will submit their approval.
      • If student does not agree to the terms of the contract the grade will convert to a "F". (Note: Student may contact faculty to discuss terms of contract if needed prior to submitting approval.)
  • The Professor's Department Chair/Direct Supervisor will receive a notice to approve the incomplete contract.
    • Department Chair/Direct Supervisor's approval forwards the contract to the Registrar’s Office.
    • If Department Chair/Direct Supervisor denies contract, s/he will contact professor with reason and instructions on how to proceed, in which case professor will contact the student.
  • If approved, Registrar's Office will update students record with the contract expiration date.
  • If WTClass access is needed ITSC will be notified and will grant access
    • Once WTClass access is granted, student and professor will be notified when the course is available.
  • Once the student completes the terms of the incomplete contract, the professor will submit a grade change request.
    • If a grade change is not submitted by the time the incomplete grade expires, the grade will convert to an F.

Questions or concerns about an incomplete may be submitted to the professor or to the Office of the Registrar.