Student Absence Notification Request

Student Absence Notification Request

Student Affairs can serve as a liaison for students in the event of an extenuating circumstance. The Absence Notification Request is designed to serve as a central point of contact for students who need to notify their instructors when an absence is due to an emergency and or requires missing class for an extended period (more than three consecutive class days) accompanied by supporting documentation.

*Please do not submit a request for an absence notification unless recommended by your instructor(s) AND you have the documentation to support the absence.*

Have you first contacted your instructor(s) via email?  
Are you experiencing an emergency that requires missing class for an extended period?  

Absence Notification Request Standards

Regular class attendance, participation, and engagement in coursework are important factors for student success and are consistent with expectations outlined in the Attendance Policy 

While the university does not have a standard requirement on attendance, individual instructors have the right to set reasonable and clear attendance standards for their classes. If an attendance requirement is adopted because regular active participation is essential to satisfactory mastery of the course content, the requirement should be clearly explained in the course syllabus. We only process absence notifications when a student misses three consecutive class absences. 

Absence Notification Requests processed by Student Affairs:  
Absence documentation and verification may include, but is not limited to:  
Make-Up Work