Student Fee Advisory Committee

About Student Fees

Student fees are services that directly benefit enrolled students, and which are separate, yet complimentary, to academic instruction and programs.

  • Student Services Fee (Section 54.503 of the Texas Education Code), is $17.60 per Semester Credit Hour for fall, spring, and summer semesters. The fee has a maximum of $217.80 for the fall and spring semesters and $108.90 for the summer semesters. There are many services provided to enrolled students under this fee including but not limited to Student Employment Services, Student Counseling Services, Student Disability Services, and Student Activities.
  • Health Fee (Section 54.507), is $70.00 for each fall and spring semesters, and $25.00 for each of the summer semesters. Student Medical Services and Student Counseling Services provide health and medical attention to enrolled students. For more information about these departments, visit or
  • Student Center Complex Fee (Section 54.5421), is $8.00 per Semester Credit Hour for each fall and spring semester, and $4.00 per Semester Credit Hour for each summer semester. The fee has a maximum of $96.00 (12 SCHs) for fall and spring and $48.00 (12 SCHs) for summer semesters.
  • Recreational Sports Fee (Section 54.539), is $70.00 for each of the fall and spring semesters, and $35.00 in each of the summer semesters. For more information related to Recreational Sports and the Activity Center, please visit

Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC)

Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC) is a university standing committee charged with advising the administration on the type, amount, and expenditure of compulsory fees for student services, and is required by the Texas Education Code, Section 54.5031. Compulsory fees are fees charged to all students enrolled at an institution. The SFAC Committee is comprised of 9 voting members: five appointed students, two appointed staff members, and two appointed faculty members.  The SFAC Committee meets annually in the fall and spring semesters to determine funding recommendations for the following fiscal year.  More information about West Texas A&M University's Student Fee Advisory Committee. Read more on the Texas Education Code here

Required Documents for 2024-25

Submit your completed documents to

Student Fee Budget Hearings

  • Monday, November 27 at 10 am, JBK Senate Chamber (see meeting notes here)
  • Wednesday, November 29 – SSF Requests are due!
  • Thursday, November 30 – Pitch Day 
  • Friday, December 8 at 10 am, JBK Senate Chamber

Budget hearings are open to anyone. If you would like to speak at a budget hearing or reserve a spot during the scheduled pitch day listed above, please contact Niza Cooper at


Vice President for Student Affairs, 806-651-2050
Student Government, 806-651-2385

Funding Allocations

See funding allocations below or here