Supervised Independent Living

Buffalo Haven at West Texas A&M


Supervised Independent Living

Become independent and self-sufficient in a supportive environment.

Supervised Independent Living is a voluntary Extended Foster Care program where you receive casework services from the provider and from CPS.

In SIL placements, you are responsible for meeting your own day-to-day needs without 24-hour adult supervision. Instead, you are able to learn independence with the support of the provider and its services.

SIL placement allows you to 

  • Live on your own with support 
  • Manage your time and money 
  • Learn more about and use community resources 
  • Address fears and concerns about being on your own 

All in a supported environment! 

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Buffalo Haven 

Achieve your career and life goals with support of West Texas A&M University. 

Buffalo Haven is more than just a place to live for a few years. 

It offers an exciting opportunity for youth to pursue their dreams of earning a degree through a supervised independent living option. Available for youth aging out of foster care who are 18 – 21 years old, the program allows students to learn valuable life skills with the security and support of living on campus.

Buffalo Haven provides 

  • Year-round accommodations in a dorm setting 
  • Meal plan with the ability to eat in the cafeteria as often as you want. Plus, additional funds to eat at other campus options and even off campus occasionally. 
  • A supportive environment for learning, career development and growth. 

Let's take a tour of Jarrett Hall where our Supervised Independent Living Program students are housed.

Getting into Buffalo Haven 

Start your path to success by becoming part of Buffalo Haven.  

  • Choose the 26 credit path in high school 
  • Take the ACT or SAT 
  • Advise DFPS caseworker of Buffalo Haven (WTAMU) as desired SIL placement 
  • Apply for admission to WTAMU
  • Meet with DFPS caseworker and WTAMU foster liaison for final approvals

Contact your caseworker, high school counselor or the Division of Student Enrollment, Engagement and Success to learn more about Buffalo Haven. 

Foster Care Liaison: Amber Black, 806-651-2872,