Panhandle-Plains Historical Review

The Panhandle-Plains Historical Review was founded by the Panhandle-Plains Historical Society in 1928, its first editor J. Evetts  Haley. Several years later the society opened the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum, where the PPHR office has since been housed. Over the years PPHR has published such notable scholars as Walter Prescott Webb, Angie Debo, H. Bailey Carroll, L. F. Sheffy, and J. Evetts Haley.

PPHR is a scholarly historical journal that annually publishes articles and book reviews relevant to the region. The phrase ‘Panhandle-Plains’ emphasizes a sense of the region centered on the Texas high plains but inclusive of Texas, Southwest, and Great Plains scholarship radiating more broadly as may be of interest to our readership. While based in the field of history, PPHR has long welcomed research in the social sciences and humanities—for example, geography, anthropology/archeology, art history, and literature—as long as it demonstrates a strong historical grounding.

The Panhandle-Plains Historical Review at all times welcomes submissions on such topics as ranching and agriculture, pioneers and early settlers, Native American and Hispanic peoples, environmental history, the role of the military, modern settlement and economic development, and cultural and historiographical analyses. In addition, PPHR will seek material for themed issues.  

PPHR now has in place an editorial board which ensures a double-blind peer review for submitted articles. Thanks to partnership with West Texas A&M University, PPHR also benefits from student interns serving as editorial assistants.

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