Upcoming Events

Currently, CSAW hosts several events aimed at engaging a larger audience in topics relevant to the American West. The most prominent of these events is the Garry L. Nall Lecture Series, which brings noted regional scholars, authors, and artists to WTAMU for free lectures that are open to the public. CSAW offers a variety of events that will appeal to all audiences. To see past events hosted by CSAW, please click here

Fall 2021 (all times CST)

  • Tuesday, Sept. 21: Research Brownbag Talk: Dr. Nick Gerlich, “Signs From The Road: The Great American Deserts”
There are four great deserts in the the US: The Mojave, Sonoran, Chihuahan, and Great Basin. Anyone wishing to drive west to anywhere but the Pacific Northwest has always had to cross one or more of these, and often at great risk in the early years of motoring. The three pillars of tourism—Gas, Food, and Lodging—hung neon signs across the desert to beckon travelers with their products and services. These signs could often be seen for miles.
And many of these remain today, albeit many are sun-toasted and sand-blasted. Join Dr. Nick Gerlich as he shares his travels through these deserts, documenting these vestiges of outdoor advertising and art.
CSAW research talks are a chance for academics to share on-going research about the American West. Those interested in leading a future talk can message CSAW at
  • Thursday, Sept. 30: Garry L. Nall Lecture in Western Studies featuring Stephen Aron (more details coming soon)
    • 3 p.m. Student discussion with Stephen Aron.
    • 7 p.m. Main lecture: “Peace and Friendship: An Alternative History of the American West.”
For this next installment in CSAW’s Garry L. Nall Lecture in Western Studies, Stephen Aron will tour American frontiers from Revolution to the 1880s and from the Appalachians to the Pacific to expose times and places in which usually conflicting peoples overcame their differences—for a while. Running against the bloody currents that have long defined the westward expansion of the United States, this talk detours from this now mainstream view of western American history to spotlight an adjacent face of the American frontier in which a variety of arrangements and accommodations contained violence and abetted cross-cultural comity. His upcoming book of the same name (anticipated 2022 from Oxford University Press), featuring famous figures like Daniel Boone, William Clark, and Wyatt Earp, explores how unexpectedly amicable relations developed in these places and why they collapsed. Its contents also examine the ways in which the alternative histories of these sites have been forgotten and misremembered and what lessons we might glean from the legacy of concord.
Stephen Aron is professor of history emeritus at the University of California Los Angeles and President/CEO of the Autry Museum of the American West.
This event was made possible with support from WTAMU's Distinguished Lecture Series.
  • Thursday, Oct. 14: Forgotten Frontera featuring Cynthia Orozco (more details coming soon)
    • 3 p.m. Campus Lecture: “Adela Sloss-Vento: Texas Civil Rights Leader, Public Intellectual, and Feminist, 1920–1990.”
    • 7 p.m. Community Conversation: “Civil Rights, LULAC, and US Diplomacy: Alonso S. Perales, 1898–1960.” 
  • Thursday, Nov. 11: Reception and lecture with the 2021 CSAW Book Award winner. Announcement coming soon!

Spring 2022

  • Thursday, April 7: Garry L. Nall Lecture in Western Studies feature Red Steagall
  • May: 2020 Southern Plains Conference with CSAW's Texas Panhandle Curriculum Initiative