Dropping and Withdrawing

Before a student drops a class or withdraws from the semester, the Accounting and Business office strongly encourages students to call the following:

  • Their Advisor- Students can get behind on their degree plan and miss courses in rotation, which will delay graduation
  • Financial Aid, 806.651.2055 - Students must complete 75% of attempted courses, or they will be ineligible for financial aid in a future semester. In addition, students may have part or all of their disbursed aid returned to the Department of Education, and can end up owing WTAMU a large amount of money immediately.
  • Accounting and Business Office- Students on a guaranteed rate table can run out of guaranteed time and end up paying much more for their last few semesters.
  • Office of Residential Living- If the student lives on campus, they must terminate their contract with this office or they may be charged full room and meal plan charges for the semester.

What is the difference between dropping and withdrawing?

  • 'Dropping' refers to deleting a class from a remaining schedule that will be completed for the semester.
  • 'Withdrawing' refers to deleting all classes and not completing the semester.


Dropping a Course  
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Withdrawing from a Semester  
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Drop & Withdraw FAQs

Balances After Withdrawing  
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