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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply for scholarships?

Complete the online scholarship application, which is available at Select “Apply for Scholarships”, select the appropriate login: Current Student (for all students that have a Buff Id and have a login to Single Sign On), or Prospective Students (you must have a Buff Id to create a login). Once logged in from your home screen, you will be able to start the application. 

I don’t have a Buffalo Gold Card/Student ID number. How do I get one?

All students that have submitted an admission application will receive a Buffalo Gold Card (BGC)/Student ID number. If you are an incoming freshmen or transfer student, you must first submit the admission application before obtaining a BGC/ID number. The admission application is found at

The Buffalo Gold Card number that I received is only a six digit number and the scholarship application log in requires seven digits. What do I do?

Add a zero to the beginning of the number. For example, 0123456.

 I don’t have time to complete the entire application. Can I save it and complete it at a later time?  

Yes, you can log back into the Scholarship Portal at any time.  From your home screen, you can select “Continue Application.”

What do I do if I forgot my password?

If you have set up your access to your Buff Portal (which means you have a Single Sign-On Login), you will need to contact IT at 806-651-4357.  If you are a perspective student that has just created your own login, you can contact Scholarships at 806-651-3330, and we can reset your password.

In addition to my application, do I need to submit additional information? For example, letters of recommendation?

No. However, some departments may require additional information and if they do, they will notify you. In some instances, it is part of the application process.

 Do I need to submit transcripts and ACT/SAT scores to Scholarship Services?                                                                      

Incoming freshmen and new transfer students must submit most recent transcripts to the Admissions Office.  Incoming freshmen must also submit ACT/ SAT test scores to the Admissions Office.  If transcripts and ACT/SAT scores have been submitted to the Admissions Office, it is not necessary to submit them to Scholarship Services.  Awards will not be made until transcripts and test scores are received. Therefore, submit documentation as early as possible, and no later than April 15th.

 My ACT/SAT test scores and rank in class have improved since I initially submitted my application. Do I notify Scholarship Services?

Yes, Scholarship Services has different award levels based on test scores and rank in class for incoming freshmen. Therefore, it is important to submit updates of transcripts and test scores to our office no later than April 15th

 Is there a deadline to apply for scholarships?

Although applications are accepted throughout the year, the priority date to apply is February 1st for the upcoming fall and spring semesters. 

I heard that incoming freshmen must apply earlier than February 1st. Is this true?

The priority date for everyone to apply is February 1st. However, Early Action Date for incoming freshmen is December 1st, which means that students that submit their scholarship application by December 1st will be notified about the status of their award(s) by February 1st.

 If I don’t submit my application by the priority date, what are the chances of receiving scholarship funds?

Many of the departments exhaust their funds after reviewing applications submitted by February 1st. So it is to your advantage to apply by the priority date.  In Scholarship Services, most funds available after the priority date are need-based.

Do I apply each semester?

No. Since you apply for the academic year, it includes both semesters fall and spring.

I applied last year for scholarships. Do I need to apply again this year?

Yes. You must reapply each year even if you are receiving scholarships that are renewable.

I received a scholarship award as an incoming freshman that is available for eight semesters.  Do I still need to apply each year? 

Yes. The award stipulates that you must complete and submit the scholarship application by the February 1st priority date to continue receiving the award.