Orientation FAQ
You've Got Questions...
And we've got answers! This page is to help answer some of the common questions that orientation staff receives from students and parents!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is New Student Orientation (NSO)?  
Is the August 17-18 NSO cancelled?  
I was already registered for a summer NSO, what do I need to do now?  
How do I register for NSO?  
Can I still attend WT this Fall?  
Do I need to register now for Orientation or should I wait until later?  
How/When do I register for my classes?  
I’m not getting any emails about next steps, what should I do?  
Is there an orientation fee/How much does Orientation cost?  
What if the in-person August date doesn’t work for me or there is a special circumstance where I am unable to attend?  
Is there an online orientation?  
When can I move in?  
Do you provide meals?  
Where can I find the schedule?  
Do parents have to attend?  
How do I find my Buff ID?  
What documents do you still need from me?  
Testing/TSI Questions?