Scholarship Opportunities for New Freshmen

WTAMU is proud to offer the following scholarship awards to qualified new freshmen who submit admission and scholarship applications by Dec. 1 (for early action) or Feb. 1 (priority date).  Scholarships are competitive and the number of awards are based on availability of funds.

Award Level Amount Per Year ACT or SAT Score* And/Or  High School Class Rank
President's Scholar $8,000 30/1360 AND Top 5%
Provost's Scholar $4,000 26/1230 AND Top 10%
Honor Scholar $3,000 24/1160 AND Top 15%
Academic Scholar $1,500 22/1100 OR Top 25%

* ACT or SAT composite score

Here is what it takes to qualify:

  • Submit to the university your most recent high school transcript showing class rank and ACT/SAT scores, no awards will be made until this information is submitted  
  • Be a recent high school graduate
  • Enroll as a new, full-time student at WTAMU in the fall or spring
  • Complete the University scholarship application by the early action date of Dec. 1 or priority date of Feb. 1
  • New spring students must complete the online scholarship application by Dec. 15, awards will be made based on the availability of funds

Here is what it takes to continue the award:

  • Complete the University scholarship application by the priority date of Feb. 1
  • Complete 30 hours at WTAMU for the academic year (fall, spring, intersessions, summer I, summer II) 
  • Maintain a cumulative 3.0 grade point average

Each year, $5 million in scholarship aid is awarded to WTAMU students. Don’t wait— apply now.

Students who do not qualify for an award are still eligible for consideration. And costs of attendance  at WTAMU are 31% less than the average for all public four-year universities in Texas--we’re already a great value.