What is Interfraterity Council?

The WTAMU Interfraternity council is the governing body of all the National Fraternities at the university. We are here to help your fraternity recruitment easy and memorable. Each chapter is represented and all fraternities work together to better one another.


Contact Us:

Student Engagement & Leadership JBK Room 103

Phone: (806) 651-2313

WT Fraternity Chapters

Alpha Tau Omega

Colors: Azure Blue and Old Gold

Flower: White Tea Rose

Mascot: Alligator

National Founding Date: September 11, 1865

Local Founding Date: May 2, 1959

Number of Members: 15

New Member Dues: $300

Member Dues: $350 per semester

Alpha Tau Omega
Lambda Chi Alpha

Colors: Purple, Green and Gold

Flower: White Rose

Mascot: Lion Rampant

National Founding Date: 1909

Local Founding Date: 1997

Number of Members: 7

New Member Dues: $550

Member Dues: $350 per semester

Lambda Chi Alpha
Kappa Alpha Order

Colors: Crimson and Old Gold

Flower: Crimson Rose and Magnolia Blossom

National Founding Date: December 21, 1865

Local Founding Date: October 23, 1959

Number of Members: 34

New Member Dues: $150 Induction Fee and $300 Initiation Fee

Member Dues: $80 per month and $375 for the summer

Omega Delta Phi

Colors: Scarlett and Silver

Flower: Silver Rose

Mascot: Knight

National Founding Date: Novemebr, 25, 1987

Local Founding Date: April 3, 1993

Number of Members: 14

New Members Dues: $275 first semester

Member Dues: $250 per semester

Phi Delta Theta

Colors: Argent and Azure

Flower: White Carnation

Mascot: Owl

National Founding Date: December 26, 1848

Local Founding Date: December 12, 1964

Number of Members: 17

Member Dues: $345 for new members, $550 per semester for active members, and $220 for the summer

Sigma Nu

Colors: Black and Gold

Flower: White Rose

Mascot: Knight and Serpent

National Founding Date: January 1, 1869

Local Founding Date: May 1959

Number of Members:25

New Members Dues: $450

Member Dues: $550 per semester and $250 for the summer

Sigma Nu