Census Stats - enrollment statistics per class day, including census and certified enrollment counts
Enrollments by College, Department, and Major - headcounts of the number of majors enrolled, by department, and/or by college
Semester Credit Hours by College, Department, and Course Prefix - semester credit hours generated by semester by college, by department, and/or course prefix
Registrations, Prior to the First Day of Class - registration statistics per week or registration, prior to the first day of class
Course Evaluation Schedule - schedule of the opening and closing of course evaluations for the current semester
New Transfer Demographics - dashboard focusing on incoming transfer students for a large scale view of transfer student demographics, program enrollments, transfer colleges, prior residence, and housing
FTFT Program Enrollment - dashboard focusing on first-time, full-time, degree seeking students to identify what colleges, departments and programs are gaining enrollment by region and high school
Employment Outcomes Report - dashboard that provides graduates' first destination outcomes (1 year after graduation). The information is gathered from several sources and methodologies including data from the Texas Workforce Commission, to provide a snapshot of what employers, industries and salaries graduates of WT are pursuing