Program Assessment and Improvement

To fulfill WT’s objectives for “Improvement in Action” , WT faculty create and maintain student learning outcomes for each academic program that offer an explanation of what students should know and be able to do as they graduate the university and begin their careers. Student learning outcomes (SLOs) for each academic program are listed in the Weave Portal where analysis for improvement can be conducted and recorded. The faculty assess student achievement of these outcomes and report the results annually to the Director of Assessment in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

The program faculty provide their program assessment data in their annual reports. Faculty analyze the SLO results, and use them to examine the effectiveness of their programs. They then make changes as needed in an effort to improve student learning The Director of Assessment offers all programs feedback annually that also is stored in the Weave Portal with the hope that improvement of each program’s SLO’s can be achieved through analysis of measured results.


Student Learning Outcome (SLO). A statement of what students should know and be able to do by the time they graduate from WT and/or complete an academic program.

Benchmark/Threshold of Acceptability. This is the acceptable percentage of students, who achieve a Student Learning Outcome, for faculty to consider the outcome met successfully. The Director of Assessment and the WT Improvement committee seek an initial suggested minimum threshold of 70%. As this benchmark is met, in an effort to continuously seek improvement, program faculty set higher percentages in place for the succeeding year.

Improvement. “Demonstrated increases in student knowledge, skills, and attitudes due to changes in the learning environment.” (Fulcher and Prendergast, 2021)


Assessment Workbook. The purpose of this workbook is to assist Direct Supervisors, Program Coordinators, and other stakeholders in developing an assessment plan for an academic program, summarizing the assessment data results, and determining improvement points to implement.

Weave Assessment Management. Learning Assessment reporting is stored in the Weave Portal. Each program at the university has an annually assigned active folder for reporting purposes.

Weave Step-By-Step Guide. After receiving credentials, this guide will take direct supervisors and faculty through the process of recording annual assessment reporting in their active folder.


Fulcher, K.H. and C.O. Prendergast (2021). “Improving Student Learning at Scale; A How-to Guide for Higher Education”, Stylus Publishing, Sterling, Va