The following 3 areas must be completed for your application to be processed and submitted to the Medical Accommodations Committee for review:

  1. Housing Exemption Form
  2. A Personal Statement that clearly defines what you are requesting and any other pertinent information you feel necessary to support your Request. (This information can be provided in a word document.) 
  3. An Official Letter on Office Letterhead, legible, signed, dated, and verifiable from the Physician. The content of this Letter must provide:
    • A Current Diagnosis
    • The documentation/information from the Health Care Provider must clearly state the severity or degree of the disability that seriously limits one or more of the major life activities and provides an in-depth Justification/Rational that supports the Housing Medical Exemption Request.

Please Note: Common Reasons Exemption Requests are NOT Approved. 

If you are requesting a Housing Exemption, carefully read the Housing Exemption Form regarding the:
  • Exemption Type
  • Required Documentation to be Submitted with the Application Form.

Note:  Please be mindful and understand that the Medical Accommodations Committee may not know you and therefore, it is critical that you detail as much information as possible in your Personal Statement so the committee members can understand your situation and circumstance regarding your exemption request in order to make a good informed decision.


The Housing Medical Exemption Request is currently under construction.