Trans/Non-Binary Resources

Trans/Non-binary Resources

Navigating legal resources for gender marker and name changes can be challenging. If you are a Texas resident, below are legal resources for helping you and/or your minor. Your county of residence in Texas does not matter, so going through Travis County is acceptable.
Gender Marker & Name Change
Birth Certificate Form VS-170
Court Costs Waiver (Travis County)
Transgender Identification Documents Guidance (U.S.)


Language is changing all the time. It is important that allies continue to educate themselves about language that supports our students. Below is part of a presentation by Spectrum students with the primary message: Respect and Affirm the Journey of Identity Formation.

Negative or Outdated Use Instead
Transvestite Transgender
Transsexual Avoid outside medical fields; avoid socially
Hermaphrodite Intersex
Preferred Name/Pronouns Authentic or chosen name/pronouns
Biologically Male Designated Male at birth
Biologically Female Designated Female at birth

Transgender is an adjective - a transgender individual; avoid transgendered, a transgender, transgenderism.

Affirm the Journey


  • Coming out is a long process
  • People's identities can change and they can come out again and again
  • Outness does not equal transness
  • Protect your trans friends and students

Questions to Ask, and Not to Ask


  • Are there any situations where you are not out that I should not use your authentic name and pronouns?


  • Anything about plans to transition
  • Anything about "what's in your pants"
  • Anything about their deadname
  • Anything about coming out experiences (especially with parents)

Students might voluntarily share sensitive information in conversation in seeking an ally's support, but they should always be freely providing information rather than allies asking them to provide information they might not want to share.

Someone Came Out to Me as Trans - Now What?


  • Awesome! Just let me know what name and pronouns you use and I've got your back!
  • I respect your journey.
  • Thanks for trusting me. I'll be here if you need anything.


  • It will take me a while to get used to it.
  • Criticizing how they came out to you.
  • Aw, but you are such a handsome/beautiful boy/girl.

How to Create a More Inclusive Environment

  • Ask for name and pronouns (in some environments like the classroom, anonymously will be better)
  • Avoid situations where you split groups into "men and women"
  • Do not assume. Gender identity and pronouns are not always obvious.
  • Shut down transphobia.
  • Don't be afraid to correct yourself or others.