Our typical service year runs from September-May, with potential spots in spring and summer. If you are interested in becoming a member, apply here and we will contact you about upcoming opportunities to join!

Members must:

  • be a US Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident 
  • be 18 years or older (no upper age limit)
  • pass criminal history background checks, including National Sex Offender Public Registry, felony crimes, and an FBI fingerprint check 
  • (For select service sites, members must have completed at least some college)

Ideal qualities of an AmeriCorps member:

  • A desire to engage others and work together to solve problems
  • A desire to make a difference and create change in the community
  • An interest in national and community service
  • An awareness of the Panhandle area and its needs
  • Someone who wants to "GET THINGS DONE"

Member Benefits


Paid in monthly increments ranging from $500-$1400 a month. 

The living allowance is not a salary or a wage but designed to support members living expenses during their service year.

Segal-Education Award
An Education Award is earned after completion of member hours at the end of service term. The award can be used to pay for educational expenses or student loans. 
Community Service Opportunity

September 11th Remembrance Day 

Veteran's Day 

MLK National Day of Service 

AmeriCorps Week

Community Outreach Day

If you want to learn more, please fill out our interest survey and we will reach out to you with more information and to answer any questions you might have.


Misty Rueda
Program Director
Old Main 322
(806) 651-2247
Laura Seals
Program Manager
Old Main 320F
(806) 651-2951
Crosslyn Lusk
Communications and Outreach
Old Main 320B
(806) 651-2240
Alison Cuellar
Member Coordinator
(806) 680-6634