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Who We Are:

Panhandle Community Resilience Corps (WT AmeriCorps)

WT AmeriCorps is a state and regional collaboration involving multiple organizations and institutions. We strive to facilitate and connect opportunities for learning, civic engagement, and collaboration to support resilience and vitality across the region. Our mission is to augment existing systems, fill gaps, and help build a more supportive and resilient environment through opportunity, engagement, and investment where all people thrive in sustainable careers and communities."

What We Do:

We serve under-resourced and rural communities across the Texas Panhandle by augmenting existing systems and partnering with community-based organizations, educational institutions, and other groups working to meet community needs.

WTAMU’s AmeriCorps program focuses on direct services, capacity building, and civic engagement to improve economic opportunity, educational attainment, and environmental stewardship that leads to community resilience and improves access to opportunity.

Why We Do It:

The Texas Panhandle faces multifaceted challenges that can strain resources and restrict growth and vitality.

WTAMU, the Office of Academic & Regional Collaboration, and the WTAMU AmeriCorps program are committed to being an active regional partner; working together, across multiple sectors and communities, to increase opportunity, engagement, and investment in the region.

"Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much."

                                                                    – Helen Keller

Our focus areas:

Educational Attainment
Environmental Stewardship
community work
Economic Opportunity
Mentor Tulia2
Healthy Futures
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Misty Rueda
Program Director
Old Main 322
(806) 651-2247
Laura Seals
Program Manager
Old Main 320F
(806) 651-2951
Crosslyn Lusk
Communications and Outreach
Old Main 320B
(806) 651-2240
Alison Cuellar
Member Coordinator
(806) 680-6634