• Partnering with ranchers and farmers to help solve their issues.
  • Partner with local Agriculture banks to put on classes for farmers and ranchers regarding budgeting/ finances
  • Volunteer at stock shows, 4-H events to be judges
  • Partner with County Extension office to create new programs for the community (college student lead)
  • Already in place: Little International and partnering with Tri-State Fair and Rodeo (pictures and video)


Arts- Theatre/Music/Art

  • Host free after school clinics for elementary, jr. high and high school students
  • Put on free shows for the community once a semester
  • Partner with retirement homes and give classes over specific subject (dance class, art class)


Communication Disorders

  • Partner with education department and teach sign language to children/adults
  • Partner with local schools and work with students that have communication disorders
  • Teach sign language classes to students after school
  • Work with parents/families in the communities that personally have communication disorders or their children do (head start on clinicals for master’s program)


Computer Science

  • Help a non-profit organization or human services agency create and maintain a database
  • Teach computer skills to senior citizens or the disabled (how to work a phone or computer)
  • Design an educational game to be used in schools
  • Develop a computer system to track a local business’s inventory



  • Work with a program tutoring low-income elementary school students on a weekly basis.
  • Develop and implement a strategy for teaching reading to adults at a community center or neighborhood resource center.
  • Partnering with Spanish/English and ESL at schools
  • Partnering with communication disorders and teaching sign language
  • Volunteer at a daycare center for low-income children, assisting teachers and developing appropriate activities.
  •  Partnering with elementary schools/day cares and nursing homes for activities and shared learning (elementary field trip to nursing home- college students help set it up) 



  • Partner with ESL on campus
  • Partner with ESL at local schools
  • Partner with minority communities to help solve language barrier
  • Partner with businesses to help include Spanish to their business
  • Help community agencies write grant proposals.
  • Partner with Education department and create a pen pal program with elementary students


History/Political Science

  • Focus on one specific moment in history and hold an event for the community/ campus to gain knowledge over that time period/moment. (One per semester)
  • Partner with Veterans Ball on campus
  • Partner with Veterans in local communities and host events
  • Partner with local high schools to teach them how to vote, talk about politics and their importance
  • Help prepare oral histories with senior citizens



  • Assist local businesses in building their revenue. 
  • Partner with local business to create new/improve marketing plan.
  • Help a non-profit organization create a public awareness campaign; design logos or prepare reports, brochures or newsletters
  • Help children produce a program on a local cable channel
  • Write for a newspaper or newsletter that focuses on public issues that concern you
  • Help start a small-town community newspaper; help with a community newspaper produced by school children.
  • Partner with local business to help with website



  • Partnering with a school and tutoring students.
  • Becoming tutors here on campus for math classes.
  • Analyzing energy use and sustainability practices on campus (quantitative reasoning)
  • Assessing volunteer versus state-provided aid in a local fire (intro statistics)
  • Providing feedback on cash flow for a local non-profit (upper-level modeling)
  • Running a math camp for middle-schoolers
  • Partnering with local tax offices to help file taxes.
  • Partnering with banks to help with personal accounting and money management. (Creating workshops for the community or students on campus)



  • Work with local communities to help reduce water/air pollution.
  • Partnering with local businesses (research labs) to volunteer/ run tests.
  • Environmental science and biology classes can work with an elementary school and its students on a pilot project to compost cafeteria meals.
  • Partner with maintenance on University campus to help with specific issues with chemical/energy/environmental issues.
  • Help third world countries with sustainable energy, fresh water supplies, and housing.
  • Serve as a judge for a science fair- partner with local schools and help with science projects (College/jr. high science fair partners).


Sports and Exercise Science

  • Partner with local rehab clinics to shadow and create new rehab ideas
  • Partner with schools to volunteer coaching and rehab
  • Partner with retirement homes and help with rehab
  • Serve as a coach or referee for a youth sports league
  • Teach aerobics classes
  • Help at local YMCA’s or boys/girls clubs and their activities